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What other organizations have partnered with NFL Play 60?
Boys and Girls Club and Danimals
Gatorade and Fitness Sports
All of the above

What type of activity is tug-of-war?
Bone Strengthening
Muscle Strengthening

When was Ranger Rick magazine first published?
January 1947
January 1967
January 1987


NFLNFL Rush, nflrush.com, is the official NFL website for kids. Keep up on the latest news, scores and videos of the most memorable plays of this season. Pick your ultimate team at NFL Rush Fantasy. Guess the regular season winners in Pick Em. Do you have a favorite NFL team? Find out more about its players, games and stats in Teams. Voice your opinions, take short quizzes and vote on your favorite players. Kid Reporters share the latest news. Click on Play NFL Rush Games Here! and play MVP Games such as Frankfurter Fling: The Frank Awakens, Guardian Training: Over Throw or NFLRZ Hurl.

Play Puppy Chase
Puppy Chase

Get Active

Play 60Committed to helping kids stay active, the American Heart Association presents the NFL Play 60 Challenge, aha-nflplay60challenge.org. In What’s Your Game Plan? see how different types of exercise affect your health. For instance, jumping rope and skipping help your bones grow and stay strong. You also need aerobic and muscle-strengthening exercises. Access workouts hosted by Washington Redskins player Ryan Kerrigan in Videos. Download additional activities in Families. Take the NFL Play 60 Challenge and download the app to stay motivated in Get Involved.

Ranger Rick

Ranger RickRanger Rick celebrates 50 years with the National Wildlife Federation at nwf.org/kids/ranger-rick.aspx. Did you know that frogfish use their fins as feet and actually walk? Find out fascinating facts about your favorite creatures in Animals. Visit Games and play Be Bear-Aware to see just what to do if you encounter a bear in the wild. Share nature pictures when you enter the monthly Photo Contest. Winners will be featured on the homepage and possibly in the Ranger Rick magazine. Rick’s Adventures feature comic strips telling stories about the crazy situations he and his friends have encountered during their travels. For some Laughs, try out Joke Finder.

Speak Out

What is your favorite Super Bowl snack?

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Super Bowl Party

Whether you play football or simply enjoy watching it on television, the Super Bowl is a great time to gather friends together to watch the game. Want to plan your own party but aren’t sure where to begin? Fortunately, there are plenty of online ideas to help you prepare for the big day.
Snacks during the game are a must, so you might begin by searching for a few recipes to make at home. Once you’ve figured out the food, all you really need is your television and friends or family members to share in the festivities.

Clever Kids Party

Super Bowl Party Ideas With Kids

Healthy Super Bowl Party Ideas

How to Throw a Kid-Friendly Super Bowl Party


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