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What are the earliest minerals used by humans for cutting tools?
Tiger Eye
Agate (Chalcedony)

Where did most ancient emerald jewelry come from?
The Cleopatra mines in Egypt
The Emerald Forest
The ancient caves of Dresdon

Which country is the third-largest one in
Coastal Rainforest
Boreal Forest

Geology Fun

MosesIf you have ever found an interesting rock but could not identify it, Rock Hound Kids, rockhoundkids.com, can help. Stop by the Mineral Gallery and read about Marble, a stone often used by sculptor Michelangelo for his statues. Study photographs, read descriptions and find out where minerals are commonly found. Watch a video about the Rock Cycle in All About Geology. Identify rock types when you play “Who Am I?” in Geology Fun. Try the Crayon Rock experiment at home when you watch Geology Videos. Want to learn more? Check out Geology Links to continue your research.

Play Ratio Blaster
Ratio Blaster

History of Jewelry

Hope DiamondHave you ever wondered where precious gems are found? Enter the Jewelry Time Machine at GemKids, gemkids.gia.edu, to find out more about the gems used to make jewelry. Archaeologists have discovered ornamental artifacts dating to ancient times. The oldest gold jewelry in the world was found at a burial ground in Bulgaria. Gem Explorer displays Rough and Polished stones for easy comparison. It also shares facts about famous gems such as the Star of Asia, a 330-carat sapphire. In Jewelry, view styles of ornamentation through history, from Crown Jewels to Amulets, Timepieces and Rings.

Travel the World

Eiffel TowerDo you think you could tell where a place is just by seeing photographs of it? Geoguessr, geoguessr.com, is a game that will help you explore the world using Google Maps. Start in Single Player or play in Challenge Mode by entering an email address with a parent’s permission. When the virtual image appears on your screen, explore it, then click on the map and Make a Guess. Earn points based on how close you are to the scene or landmark you are viewing. You can choose from continents, countries and cities. Experience a fiesta in Spain, the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the beautiful wildlife of Australia. Where have you always wanted to visit?

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What place in the world would
you most like to visit? Why?

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Rock On!

If you enjoy studying rocks and precious stones, you might be able to turn your interest into a career. Mineralogy is the study of minerals and how they are formed. The Father of Modern Gemology is Richard T. Liddicoat, who earned a master’s degree in mineralogy and went on to focus his work on precious gems. The standards for measuring diamond quality were developed by Liddicoat in 1953. To learn more, visit Gemological Institute of America, gia.edu/gia-news-research-GIA-innovators-liddicoat.

The Father of Modern Geology, James Hutton, was a Scottish farmer and naturalist in the 1700s. He developed the concept of uniformitarianism, which explains the natural processes that develop the Earth’s crust over a long period of time. Read more about Hutton at Encyclopaedia Britannica, britannica.com/biography/James-Hutton.

Geologists and mineralogists typically work in environmental consulting, mining or engineering fields. They use scientific methods, make mathematical calculations and report on data they have collected. If you enjoy those subjects, you might have a future in rocks and minerals!


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