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Who hacked Gracie’s page?

What are some examples of types of
media bias?
Story Selection, Spin and Placement
Omission, Labeling and Selection of Sources
All of the above

Which habitat in Canada is used by half the birds in North America every year?
Coastal Rainforest
Boreal Forest


Game OnDo you know how to stay safe on the internet? Australia’s Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner wants to help. #GameOn, tinyurl.com/
, is a collection of videos that explore the tricky situations kids can sometimes find themselves in online. Cyberbullying, online friends, sharing passwords and free downloads are all covered in the series. If you go online to play games, do research or chat with friends, you may find yourself in an uncomfortable setting, and you may not know what to do. As you watch how kids solve situations they find themselves in, you will learn to avoid similar problems.

Play Capital Penguin
Capital Penguin

Current Events

NewsIf you like to stay informed about world news, you may have noticed that reporting on television and in print media is often geared toward adults. Student News Daily, studentnewsdaily.com, is a terrific resource for kids to learn about current events. Along with daily news stories, there are videos, maps, links and questions to help you have a full understanding of what you are reading. World events are posted on Tuesdays, examples of media bias are given on Wednesdays and an article asking you to share your opinion is posted every Thursday. How well do you think you know your news? Find out by taking the weekly quiz on Friday.

Canadian Wildlife

ChipmunkThe Canadian Wildlife Federation showcases the country’s variety of animals in their natural habitats in Hinterland Who’s Who, hww.ca. Photographs, videos and sound clips will help you experience Wildlife up close. Have you ever heard of lemmings? These little mammals are an essential food source for tundra predators because they remain active throughout the frigid Arctic winters. Peek into Wild Spaces, including the Coastal Rainforest, Estuaries, Ecozones and Peatlands, and the species that inhabit them. Learn about Biodiversity in a funny Webisodes video that explains its importance in Canada. Visit The Wild Gang for games and other Stuff to Do.

Speak Out

Have you ever entered
a writing contest?

Speak Out Here!

Writing Contests

Do you enjoy writing? Whether it’s short stories, nonfiction, novels or essays, you can start sharing your talent and compete in writing contests. You might be surprised to find you don’t have to be a grownup to get published. Blogs, school newspapers, educational organizations and publishers are constantly searching for new writers, and some of them focus specifically on kids.

One such organization is iWrite. Kids spend many hours a week online, and iWrite encourages young people to put that time to good use. Each year, iWrite sponsors contests at iwrite.org/i-write-contest/ for short stories, poetry and book covers, giving young writers and illustrators an opportunity to share their work and possibly get published.

The Betty Award, thebettyaward.com, is an annual short story contest for kids ages 8-12. It sponsors a Spring and Fall competition in honor of a mother named Betty who encouraged her children to read and write at a young age.

Find more contests by searching for “writing contests for kids,” with a parent’s permission. Good luck!


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