Week of January 8, 2017
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Who owns Antarctica?
United States
No one

What is the original amount of a loan called?

What does Red Sox outfielder Mookie Betts like to do in his spare time?

Explore the Ice

AntarcticaExperience the Exploratorium’s
expedition to Antarctica at tinyurl.com/zfp2uxy. In Place, uncover interesting facts about the seventh continent. Many of the scientists who arrive in Antarctica work out of McMurdo Station, a former military base. Check out an aerial photograph of this Antarctic city. Visit the Ice Gallery to see the various types of ice formations found there. Have you ever wondered how wildlife can survive in such frigid conditions? Learn about it in Ideas’ Fish: Fresh, Not Frozen. In People, meet the individuals who are willing to brave the harsh conditions of Life on The Ice.

Play Space Race
Space Race

Learn About Finances

FinancesDiscovery Education presents Econ Essentials, econessentialsinschool.com, interactive modules designed to teach you about personal finance and the global economy. Do you plan to purchase a car or attend college? Digital Learning Modules share Foundations of Finance, a chance to see the impacts of your financial decisions. See if your choices make your fortunes grow or shrink. Facts About Food demonstrates why food prices fluctuate. Watch “Why the U.S. Needs a New Generation of Farmers” in Video Series, and meet a young woman using creative financing to fund her farm.

SI Kids

World SeriesDo you enjoy athletics? Sports Illustrated Kids, sikids.com, created a site just for kids to have access to the latest news about their favorite sports. Visit Sports to read current headlines shared by a Kid Reporter. Access the Scoreboard to see how your favorite teams are doing and when they play next. Sports Kids features outstanding young athletes each month, culminating in the selection of a SportsKid of the Year. Find out what your favorite professional athletes enjoy doing off the field in Spare Time — you might be surprised to see that they have other interests besides sports! Take a break from sports news and play sports, arcade and strategy Games.

Speak Out

What subject would you like help
with in this new semester?

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Successful Semester

The start of a new year is a great time to make plans for a successful second semester. If you had trouble in any subjects earlier this year, perhaps you can begin spring semester with a plan for what to do if you start to struggle again.

Talk to your parents and teachers about the resources available to you. Some teachers provide weekly after-school tutoring. You might partner with a friend who does well in a subject. You should also have a list of websites bookmarked to help you with homework. Below are some of the resources I find useful.

Time for Kids Homework Helper


BJ Pinchbeck’s Homework Helper

Khan Academy


Ask Amy a Question

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