Week of January 1, 2017
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What skill helps you find a specific piece of information?

What is the principle of combinatorics used for?
Building crowds of characters using a small number of parts
Building robots
Building trees

What should an effective
costume do?
Provides character information before the character speaks.
Helps audiences connect with the character and the story.
All of the above

Reading Games

ReadingBBC presents Bitesize Reading, bbc.co.uk/
, a collection of interactive games, videos, stories and quizzes that will help you work on your comprehension skills. Learn how to tell the difference between an author’s use of a literal reference and an inference when you enter the spooky realm of Deduction. You’ll be challenged to select the game pieces that represent correct answers. Can you escape the Trapped tower? You’ll use your sleuthing skills in Finding Information. Did you know that Nonsense is a type of poetry? Join the Big Babies to play an English poetry game.

Play Minus Mission
Minus Mission

Pixar Magic

PixarKhan Academy and Disney present Pixar in a Box, khanacademy.org/partner-content/pixar, an inside look at the magic behind animated characters that have captured the hearts of movie fans around the world. Watch Pixar’s Filmmaking Pipeline to begin. Inside the real Pixar you’ll see that some of the skills you’re learning in school are used to create animation. Once you complete the tour, choose a lesson in the Learner’s Guide. Introduction to Virtual Cameras shows how the cameras that filmed “Inside Out” were designed. You may be inspired to become an animator yourself!

Costume Design

Costume DesignBehind the scenes at Canada’s National Arts Centre, theatrical designers work hard to create costumes that bring stories to life on stage. ArtsAlive’s The Secret Life of Costumes, artsalive.ca/
, is an archive of this collection. Did you know that a lot of research goes into creating costumes that fit time periods and settings for each production? Find out more About Costume Design and the designers’ process. Thematic Tours guide you through the English, French and Opera collections. Find inspiration and creative, low-cost costuming ideas your school could use in Activities & Resources.

Speak Out

What is your favorite Pixar
animated feature?

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Plan Your Future

How would you like to have a career you really love someday? While it may seem a little early to be planning your life, if you could have a career based on your talents and the activities you enjoy, your job could be a pleasure rather than a drudge.

For instance, if you like adventure and working outdoors, you could be a landscape architect, archeologist or environmental scientist. Activities such as designing a school garden or scouting, and subjects such as science and social studies, can teach you more about these jobs.

Do you enjoy art? Computer animation, video game design and visual effects animation are just a few options available in these fields. During your school years there are contests, technology classes and clubs you can join to help enhance your skills.

If you’re comfortable speaking in front of a crowd and communicating new ideas, you could have a future in public relations, speech writing, marketing or law. Develop your skills by joining debate, theater or the school paper. Check out CareerShip, mappingyourfuture.org/planyourcareer/careership/
, for more ideas.


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