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Where can you find carnivorous plants?
Every continent except Antarctica
Every continent except Australia
Every continent except Asia

In what year was the Governor’s Palace completed?

Who are three of the most famous Italian explorers?
Christopher Columbus
Amerigo Vespucci
All of the above

Zoo News

ZariYou hear daily news about people’s activities, but what about plants and animals? San Diego Zoo Global ZooNooz, zoonooz.san
, wants students to stay informed about their favorite creatures around the world. In Animals, read Zari’s Choice, about a friendly zebra who has delighted zoo visitors for several years, and the training that has kept her in good health. Keeper Notes introduces you to specific animals from their caretakers’ point of view. Did you know there are flesh-eating plants at the zoo? Read about how they continue to grow in spite of a drought.

Play Verb Viper
Verb Viper

Colonial Williamsburg

Governors PalaceExperience Christmas in Colonial America, history.
, including its history, decorations and dining. In Christmas Customs, you’ll learn that Christmas in the 1700s was not as kid-centered as it is today — the festivities were mainly for adults! Watch Slideshows of beautiful homes and learn to Make a Wreath in Decorations. Tour the Town Online to see the ornate rooms of the Governor’s Palace. In Take a Tour, you will find detailed information about some of Colonial Williamsburg’s most significant buildings.

A Travel Guide by and for Kids

Kids World TravelDoes your family enjoy traveling? The Kids World Travel Guide, kids-world-travel-guide.com, is a terrific resource for information, vivid photographs and learning about the geography of other countries. Select a country you are interested in, and you’ll find statistics, maps, popular landmarks and more. Learn all about Passports in Fun Facts. Families share their experiences in Travel Tips. Did you know that in 1980 there was only one country in the world without phones? Check out Trivia and Quizzes to learn more. Whether you are doing a report for school or just planning a vacation, you will find this a useful resource.

Speak Out

Do you observe any holiday traditions
from countries other than the U.S.?

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History of Christmas Around the World

Many countries around the world share similar traditions and customs for Christmas and other winter holidays. For example, did you know that trees are decorated in India, but they are mango or banana trees, not the evergreens common to the U.S.?

Check out the following websites for more fun facts about the history of Christmas and other holiday celebrations around the world.

Christmas Traditions and Customs

Christmas Around the World

All Things Christmas

Christmas Around the World


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