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Why is it important to eat breakfast?
It gives you energy
It helps you think better
All of the above

Which museum is located in the capital of Spain?
Museo del Guggenheim
Museo del Prado
Museo del Picasso

At what age are you old enough to read Lemony Snicket’s books?

Good Nutrition

My PlateThe Dairy Council of California wants kids to learn about Healthy Eating, healthyeating.org/Healthy-Kids/Kids-Games-Activities.aspx. Figure out how much of each food group you need daily in the MyPlate Match Game. Are you starting your day with the right foods? Play Power Up Your Breakfast in the virtual kitchen to put together a healthy meal. Do you know about the “3 out of 5 rule”? Watch the video to learn more. Busy schedules will often have families eating on the run. Watch the Healthy Snacks video to see which ones give you the energy to feel your best.

Play Swimming Otters
Swimming Otters

Learn About Other Countries

MadridTime for Kids Around the World, timeforkids.com/
, acquaints you with the geography, culture and people of many countries. Pick a country and begin learning about its population, agriculture and industries, as well as its flag. Check out the Sightseeing Guide for fascinating places to visit. Uncover major events in each country’s past in the History Timeline. Every country has a native language, and you can learn a few words of it in Native Lingo. Do you ever wonder what life is like for kids in other countries? Find out in Day in the Life.

An Unpleasant Site!

Lemony SnicketHarper Collins publishers introduces you to A Series of Unfortunate Events at lemonysnicket.com. The Afflicted Author is a persnickety character himself, whom you will find as interesting as his stories. The Bothersome Books chronicle the lives of three witty orphans named Violet, Klaus and Sunny. You might check out the books on your next trip to the library. Lemony Snicket himself appears in Vile Videos, sharing details about his dreadful stories and his inspiration for them. Entertainment awaits you in Dire Diversions in the form of e-cards, trivial trivia and frantic fill-in-the-blanks. Still curious? Visit More Misfortune!

Speak Out

What ideas do you have for
holiday fun on a budget?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: My family would like to enjoy holiday festivities this year, but my parents say we are on a tight budget. Do you have any ideas for inexpensive activities we can do as a family? — Jessica A., Bolingbrook, Illinois

Dear Jessica: There are plenty of fun family activities you can do on a limited budget. Your local community’s website should have listings for free concerts, lighting ceremonies and outings everyone would enjoy. Local churches and civic groups often put on concerts and plays that are fun for the entire family. If you live in an area where it snows, plan an outing to go sledding at your favorite snowy hill.

You can also find many indoor activities online, such as making ornaments, baking cookies or scheduling a holiday movie night. Plan to make snacks and pile on the blankets to enjoy some of your favorite classic holiday films.

Another idea that is always fun is volunteering together! There are plenty of opportunities for families to serve local organizations, such as Harvesters, which provides food for families in need.

Check out these and other ideas at 12 Days of Fun (and Cheap!) Christmas Activities for Families at tinyurl.com/jlm5lx3.


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