Week of December 4, 2016
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What are some common characteristics of bullies?
They donít feel guilty.
They enjoy making people feel bad.
All of the above

What can you do to prevent bacteria from growing?
Cooking to proper temperature
Chilling or freezing
All of the above

To what does the acronym IP refer?
International Patents
Interactive Patents
Intellectual Property

Life Skills

BullyingDo you ever struggle with friendships or stress at school or home? E-Learning for Kids’ Life Skills,
e-learningforkids.org/life-skills, provides a series of games that can give you ideas about how to handle unexpected challenges. Take a close look at different types of Bullying and how you can respond to them. Choose from a variety of reactions and learn about their possible results. There are many types of Relationships at home and school. Learn how to identify the negative ones. Has your family moved recently? Movin’ & Choosin’ gives you problems to solve as you visit places around your new neighborhood.

Play Dolphin Feed
Dolphin Feed

Kill Bacteria

BacteriaFood Detectives Fight BAC, fooddetectives.com, wants you to learn to handle food safely. Did you know that bacteria can cause you to get sick? Interactive games help you learn when to wash your hands and how to kill bacteria that live on food. Your help is needed to solve cases of foodborne illness! In the case of Filthy Fingers, follow the timeline of after-school activities and determine which ones require you to wash your hands. In the case of Good Food Gone Bad, match food items and learn tips about their safety. A few simple rules will help you and your family stay healthy.

Young Inventors

Ms Pat PendingHave you ever had an amazing idea for an invention? The United States Patent and Trademark Office kids’ page, uspto.gov/kids/kids.html, wants young inventors to learn about the patent process in a fun way. Meet the Team who will guide you through important aspects of registering your inventions, such as trademarks. In Young Innovators, meet the Flying Monkeys, a team of Girl Scouts who invented a device to allow a toddler born without fingers to write. Build an Invention provides detailed plans for creating a model rocket, a lung model or a flip book. Watch Videos to see other inventions that use 3-D Bio Printing and even a Motion Controller for Virtual Reality.

Speak Out

Do you make gifts for family
or friends?

Speak Out Here!

Creative Gifts

With Christmas just a few weeks away, you may be thinking about what to give family and friends. Since kids are often too young or busy with school and extracurricular activities to have jobs, it helps to remember that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to give thoughtful presents that will be loved.

Parents really appreciate extra help around the house. A coupon book of tasks such as shoveling snow, sweeping out the garage, doing dishes or folding laundry would be valued. If you like baking, sweet holiday treats are always a fun way to show others you appreciate them. This is also an activity you can do with a parent.

Are you good at crafts? Check out Crafts Kids Can Make, activityvillage.co.uk/gifts-kids-can-make. Decorating a photo frame and putting a picture in it can be done with a printer and materials you have at home. You can also make ornaments to give as gifts. Use your imagination, and you will soon have something for everyone on your list. For more ideas, check out 45 Gorgeous Gifts Kids Can Make, howweelearn.com/gifts-kids-can-make.


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