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What is Harry’s address at the beginning of the first book?
Number Four, Privet Drive
Number Eight, Diagon Alley
Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place

Who is featured in Summarize a Famous Person’s Biography in Examples?
George Washington Carver
Leonardo da Vinci
Thomas Edison

What are you asked to do in the song “It’s Up to Me and You”?
Give clothes to charity
Recycle paper
All of the above

Harry Potter

Harry PotterJ.K. Rowling invites you to visit Pottermore, pottermore.com, a look into the world of her most famous character. The Harry Potter series introduced millions of readers to his wizarding world. Explore the Story to view character profiles, facts and scenes from the books that brought us some of Rowling’s most beloved characters. Read quotes and excerpts from the stories and view action from the films. Behind the scenes in Features, learn how characters like Ron Weasley grew from sidekick to superman. If you’re ready for some new reading material, check out Rowling’s more recent titles.

Meteor Multiplication
Meteor Multiplication

Make Videos

Simple VideosMake your next project or presentation spectacular with My Simpleshow, mysimpleshow.com. This free online software allows you to create videos that explain your topic. For instance, if you are introducing Harriet Tubman in your class project, you can create a video in a few simple steps. With a parent’s permission, create a free account and get started. Choose a storyline template, then write the script. Select images to go with key words and choose one of the provided voices to narrate, or record your own. The Explainer Engine will use the information you entered to create a video to share with your class.

Learn English

Learn EnglishThe British Council provides online games, activities, songs and stories at LearnEnglish Kids, learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org/en. Play Trolley Dash to work on your memory as you race through the store to collect the household supplies on your list in Fun and Games. Watch One Moment Around the World to take a peek at what kids in other countries are doing today. Read and Write has fun activities such as writing a Penpal Letter, Book Review or a Birthday Party Invitation. Do you like adventures? Choose a story and follow colorful characters Sam and Pam, who will help you practice English words in Speak and Spell.

Speak Out

What resource have you found helpful
when writing a research paper?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: I have been assigned my first research paper. I was wondering if you have any tips about how to proceed. — Samuel C., Portland, Oregon

Dear Samuel: Research papers can be fun to write if you get organized and follow some simple steps. Begin by bookmarking a few good websites to help you do research. Check out Kid Safe Search Sites, sldirectory.com/libsf/resf/kidsafe, for a useful list. You should also plan to visit the library to find materials about your topic. A variety of sources will ensure you have enough information once you begin writing.

The next step is to select a topic that interests you. Research is always more fun when it’s on a subject you care about. Once you have a topic, phrase it as a question and focus your research on it. For instance, a paper on George Washington could ask, “How did George Washington’s early life prepare him for the presidency?”

Next, begin gathering information. Keep track of your sources so you can cite them properly. If you have questions about how to cite a source, EasyBib, easybib.com, can help you with the right format. For more tips, visit Research Papers: A Writing Workshop, tinyurl.com/gtgbgnc.


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