Week of November 20, 2016
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Why do we cite the author?
To give proper credit for materials
Because it is the law
All of the Above

What is dividing your money into
different kinds of investments called?

Which American Girl app allows you to make ‘50s-style TV clips?
Maryellen TV Console
Scene Sounds
Rocket Rally

Images for Education

Bird PhotoHave you ever been assigned to create a poster, website or slide presentation for a school project? Photos for Class, photosforclass.com, is committed to providing quality photos for classroom use. Find vivid photographs to enhance a Google Slides or PowerPoint presentation for a class project. If you are building an animal website in science, for example, you can search for specific topics such as amphibians or birds to find images to go with your facts. Each photo is properly cited so you can give proper credit to the author. Any images you find are available to use for free as long as they are properly attributed.

Ratio Martian
Ratio Martian

Manage Your Money

Save MoneyWhether it’s an allowance, a paycheck or birthday money, it’s important to learn to manage your finances. The Mint, themint.org/teens, shows you how. In Earning, check out a list of starting salaries in various fields. Even your first job can provide you with experience that can steer you toward a future career. Take the Be Your Own Boss Challenge to see if you have what it takes. Saving money is an important skill. Use the Saving Calculator to find out how much you’d need to save monthly to buy a car when you turn 16. Learn how to Shop Smart, then take the Spender Quiz.

Girl Stuff

American GirlAmerican Girl Play, play.americangirl.com/play, is a collection of games, stories and activities based on favorite American Girl characters. Take the Weekly Poll and check the results to see what readers are saying. Catch a clip of “Maryellen: The Brightest Star” in Videos. In Quizzes, find out What Makes You Happy? American Girl magazine wants to know what you think about important issues. Participate in This Week’s Question, then get tips from around the world in To Do Today, featuring categories such as Money Makers, School Tips and Super Snacks. Need advice? Choose a topic in the Activity Library for advice and answers to questions about friends, drama and more.

Speak Out

Do you have plans to earn extra
money for this holiday season?

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How to Make Extra Money

With the holidays coming up, you may be thinking about buying gifts for family or friends. If you want to make extra money for holiday shopping, your options can sometimes be limited.

The websites below provide creative ideas for kids to make extra money year-round. Think about jobs you would enjoy doing and choose a moneymaking venture from the lists.

How to Make Money as a Kid

Ways for Kids to Make Money

101+ Business Ideas for Kids

100+ Teen Money Making Ideas for Young Entrepreneurs


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