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What are the documented effects of hunger on children?
Repeat a grade in school
Social and behavior problems
All of the Above

What is the purpose of UDL?
Minimize barriers
Maximize learning
All of the above

What was the sample winning entry in the grades 4-6 category?
A better alarm speaker
A better cochlear implant
A litter cleaning robot

Hunger in America

feeding hungerDid you know that there are people in nearly every community in America who don’t have enough to eat? Feeding America, feedingamerica.org/
, is committed to educating the public about hunger in our country. In Faces of Hunger, meet a student whose family does not have enough food at home, so she goes to school hungry. Watch videos where real people share their struggles. See how you can Take Action to help others in your community. Writing to your legislator or volunteering at a local food bank are ways you can get involved.

Orbit Integers
Orbit Integers

Create a Digital Book

readingDo you like writing stories? CAST UDL Book Builder, bookbuilder.cast.org, was created to encourage young authors to create and read digital books. Read Books provides a wide selection of literature for you to read and rate. Get started by registering for a free account in Create and Share. The user-friendly format is easy to follow, and an animated coach is available to give you tips along the way. You will be able to add images and sounds to your digital book. Visit Learn More to find out about Universal Design for Learning and all of the features available to you.

Science Competition

Wii ConsoleIf you love science and technology, you’ll want to check out ExploraVision, exploravision.org, an annual science competition for K-12 students and their teachers. Students are challenged to choose a current technology and conduct research to determine how it might be improved in 20 years. For example, the Nintendo Entertainment System was released along with the Super Mario Bros game in 1986. Twenty years later, Nintendo released the Wii along with the popular Wii Sports game. Select Competition to learn more about the contest, then get inspired by Real Samples of Winning Projects. Entries are due Feb. 6, 2017.

Speak Out

Do you volunteer for any school
or community organizations?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: My class requires that I do five hours of volunteer work in my community this semester. Do you have any ideas about how I can get started? — Jack C., St. Paul, Minnesota

Dear Jack: Volunteer work can be fun! You might begin by making a list of activities you enjoy. For instance, if you have a favorite subject such as math or spelling, you could ask a teacher if you can help tutor students who are struggling in that area.

If you like working outside in winter, volunteer to shovel snow at a local church or school. Do you enjoy taking pictures? You might offer to be the official photographer for an after-school event such as a soccer game or track meet. Do you like working with animals? Your local animal shelter could probably use your help.

Volunteers are always needed somewhere, so speak with your teacher and your parents about opportunities in your community. It is always fun to do these activities as a family or with friends. The important thing to remember is that everyone has different talents, so your volunteer work can be matched to an area that you enjoy.

To see how you can get started, visit kids health.org/en/kids/volunteering.html.


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