Week of November 6, 2016
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What was President Herbert Hoover’s
vacation retreat called?
Camp David
Camp Hoover
Camp Rapidan

Who was Emily Spinach?
President Carterís Siamese cat
President Hooverís raccoon
Alice Rooseveltís snake

What is the
biggest and oldest political party in
The Green Party
Republican Party
Democratic Party

White House Memories

white houseFirst lady Jacqueline Kennedy believed that the public deserved access to the history of America’s official executive home. The White House Historical Association, whitehousehistory.org, provides an inside look into the lives of its former residents. Did you know that the original White House had to be rebuilt after a fire in 1814? Explore the Architecture and the work involved in creating the house we know today. Photographs of the home’s Interiors & Furnishings show how they have changed over the years. First Family Life looks at how presidents and their families spent holidays.

Turtle Dash
Turtle Dash

First Pets

White House PetsSome of the most popular inhabitants in the history of the White House were not the human ones. The Presidential Pet Museum, presidentialpetmuseum.
, introduces furry, feathered and smooth creatures, from raccoons to a calico pony. You’ll be amazed at the variety of animals who have resided in the mansion over the years. Abraham Lincoln’s fondness for animals was evidenced by a list including several dogs, two goats, a pig, a turkey, a cat and a white rabbit. The last cow to live at the White House provided milk and butter for the first family.

Learn About Elections

ElectionsGallopade presents Elections for Kids, gallopade.com/
. Barack Obama is our 44th president, but did you know that only 43 men have served as president of the United States? Learn why and read more fascinating election trivia in Fun Facts. Check out the Race to the White House to find out how many electoral votes a candidate needs to win. Meet the first family, the vice president and the first dog, Bo, at The White House. If your own classroom isn’t already holding an election, you might enjoy using some of the reproducible ballots, campaign buttons and activities available in Teacher Resources.

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What did you learn about this
year’s presidential election?

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Election 2016

Whether or not you are old enough to vote, it is important to stay informed about the news, details and results surrounding the 2016 presidential election. Registered voters across America will head to the polls to make their voices heard on Tuesday, November 8. As a student, you can read about the candidates, cast your student vote and learn about the road to the White House at Scholastic News Election 2016, election.scholastic.com. Kid reporters have covered important events and spoken with the candidates themselves to get answers to questions about issues that affect students.

At Time for Kids, timeforkids.com/minisite/election-2016, kid reporters feature The Path to the Presidency, introducing the candidates for both president and vice president, and offering useful resources such as an Electionary.

To really get to know the candidates, it’s important to listen to their speeches and interviews. Student News Daily, tinyurl.com/gsbh5r3, provides links to videos of the candidates as well as editorials that explain each party’s platform, proposals for issues such as tax reform and much more.


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