Week of October 30, 2016
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What is the purpose of hydrotreating?
To add hydrogen to the oil
To remove impurities
To add water to the oil

What career did Blue Balliett have before
becoming an author?
Classroom teacher

What does the
prefix “crede”
To smash
To believe
To purchase

Usable Energy

Usable EnergyOil Refining: A Closer Look,
tinyurl.com/k8tc6na, explains how crude oil is changed into various forms of usable energy. Watch a short animated feature about the history of petroleum. When your parents fill up their car at the gas station, the fuel has gone through an extensive process to make it safe. Impurities must be removed and chemical reactions must take place to create usable products. Did you know that kerosene, used in lamps and candles, is also known as paraffin oil? Check out Everyday Use to learn about its important role in the aviation industry.

Giraffe Pull
Giraffe Pull

Step Into the Book

BalliettIt’s time to meet Scholastic’s award-winning author Blue Balliett, scholastic.com/blueballiett. Check out About the Books to see excerpts from each mystery, author’s notes, illustrations and vivid slideshows. How’s your art knowledge? Head over to
the museum and play Art Adventures. Examine the paintings and Make a Masterpiece Match. As a reporter for the Hyde Park Times, you’ll select a topic for your article and a painting to feature. Answer a few questions and print your story. Next, play Pattern Puzzles and use clues to find the answer. Learn what inspired the author’s and illustrator’s work.

Vocabulary and Grammar

Word GamesFunbrain Word Games for Kids, funbrain.com/FBSearch.php?
, will help you become a grammar expert with more than a dozen colorful games. Grammar Gorillas need you to identify parts of speech in each sentence. Rooting Out Words demonstrates how knowing the meaning of a word’s prefix or suffix can help you understand meanings of familiar and even unfamiliar words. Guess the word in time to Stay Afloat and follow the clues if you
get stumped. The Translator Alligator will help you master your Spanishspeaking skills. Word Confusion is when two words sound the same but have different spellings. Try to choose the right term for each sentence.

Speak Out

What is your favorite
fall activity?

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Fall Fun

Class parties, costumes, candy, crafts and treats are just a few of the ways to celebrate fall. Doing a little research can help you plan great activities to share with family or friends.

If you like to cook, find some yummy recipes such as caramel apples, pumpkin pie play dough (it smells great, but don’t eat it!) or candy corn cookies. You could also gather colorful leaves on a family nature walk, then create an art project when you get home.

The sites below are great resources you can use to find more ideas.

50 Activities for Autumn

The Crafty Crow: Fall Crafts

Fall Activities for Kids


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