Week of October 23, 2016
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What are the names of the parts of the respiratory system?
Nasal cavity, trachea, voice box
Lungs, esophagus
All of the above

What is the third step in the Engineering Process?
Learn all about the topic.
Plan how you will solve the problem.
Build your solution.

Where did Mr. Tucker find the dinosaur bones?
Buried in the ground
Embedded in rock
Above ground

Science Terms

Flower DiagramMaggie’s Earth Adventures presents Science Labeling, missmaggie.org/2011/
. Do you ever have to diagram pictures on science tests? This game helps you study and learn to label important terms quickly. Topics include Layers of the Earth, Structure of a Flower, Respiratory System and more. Select a category, then take a few seconds to study the graphic before it’s your turn to drag the names to the correct fields. Bookmark this page and tell your friends about it so they can master these science terms, too. The game is available in both English and Spanish.

Pony Division
Pony Division

Build a Robot

RobotsTake the Robots Challenge at National Geographic and Engineers in the Classroom, nationalgeographic.org/
. Step into
RoboWorks and become an engineer, helping design machines that solve real-world problems. Your first stop is Orientation, where you learn the Engineering Process and print your Employee ID card. Before you Build a Robot, get to know its essential parts. Pay attention, because you’ll play an interactive game to test your knowledge. Throughout the game, learn fascinating facts about robots. For instance, did you know that there’s a real lifeguard robot named Emily?

Be a Reporter

Read TheoryHow would you like to work on your school paper or become a reporter when you grow up? Get the Scoop!, pbskids.org/newsflashfive/scoop/
, is looking for a new staff member. A local farmer believes he has found dinosaur bones on his farm. It will be your job to gather all the facts to tell the story accurately. The Library and the University are fine places to find out more about the history of dinosaurs in this area. Do you have what it takes to be a staff reporter or star correspondent? Once you have gathered all the facts, Submit Your Story to view your completed article. Select Rate My Story to find out how you did on your first day.

Speak Out

What mobile app have you found to be helpful with your homework?

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Helpful Apps

Mobile devices such as tablets and cellphones are useful for more than gameplay. Apps are available for download (with parental permission) to help with schoolwork. For instance, books you read for school can be downloaded using Kindle or iBook, so you won’t have to bring your books back and forth, and you can easily catch up on your reading or even get ahead at home.

Do you play a musical instrument? Smart Music, tinyurl.com/zgu6qbw, is an interactive practice app that makes practicing your band or string instrument a blast. For a small yearly subscription fee, hours of practice will fly by with this innovative resource.

MegaPro Calculator 5000, bestappsforkids.com/2016/megapro-calculator-5000, teaches addition and subtraction using visualizations in a fun way.

Spelling can be time-consuming to study. Vocabulary Spelling City, spellingcity.com, makes it fun, with games and teaching tools to get you ready for your weekly tests. Upload your own word lists and choose from a variety of learning options that can be played on a tablet or desktop computer. Check out more reviews at Best Apps for Kids, bestappsforkids.com.


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