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What land speed record was set in the Stanley Rocket in 1906?
90.6 miles per hour
127.6 miles per hour
132.6 miles per hour

How many acres of land are contained in America’s national parks?
54 million acres
64 million acres
84 million acres

What jobs did John Muir have throughout his life?
Author, explorer, fruit farmer
Conservationist, rancher, botanist
All of the above

Innovative Twins

Stanley SteamcarMeet the Stanley brothers, twins from Maine who were considered entrepreneurial geniuses. A History of the Stanley Motor Carriage Company, tinyurl.com/
, is a virtual exhibit of their accomplishments. As you travel through the exhibit, learn about their Early Life and “Yankee Ingenuity.” While they began their careers as teachers, they were truly inventors and businessmen. An early invention was the airbrush, which F.E. Stanley patented after opening his photography studio in 1874. See which invention contributed to the success of the Eastman Kodak company.

Jetski Addition
Tractor Multiplication

National Parks

Rocky Mountain National ParkPBS presents The National Parks: America’s Best Idea, pbs.org/nationalparks/his
, a film by Ken Burns. Episodes include photographs, history and videos that would be useful in a presentation or research project. Adventurers, inventors, conservationists, authors and entrepreneurs were some of the people who worked to preserve this country’s beautiful scenery. In History Overview, see which natural wonders inspired the creation of parks for the public to enjoy. The National Parks Timeline gives a historical context to the establishment of our national parks system.


YosemiteThe Sierra Club introduces you to its founder, famous wilderness explorer, conservationist and author John Muir, vault.sierraclub.
. Considered the Father of National Parks, he was instrumental in moving Congress to establish the first one, Yosemite. In The Life and Contributions of John Muir, you will find articles written about his experiences, including his life in Scotland, Wisconsin, Yosemite and Alaska. In the Chronology of his life, you’ll be amazed at his inventions and adventures from a very young age. From walking 1,000 miles at age 29 to climbing Mount Whitney at 35, he was always intrepid.

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Monumental Connections

Rocky Mountain National Park received its official designation in 1915, one of nearly 400 national parks in America. Some of the parks have an unexpected link: the people who worked to create them.

For example, childhood illness led naturalist Enos Mills’ family to move to Colorado, and he came to love the Rocky Mountains. Then, while traveling as a young man, Mills happened to meet world-famous conservationist John Muir, who inspired him to follow a similar path and protect the wilderness he loved. Later, a partnership between entrepreneur F.O. Stanley and Mills is credited with establishing Rocky Mountain National Park.

Read more about these men, and how their combined talents helped create our national parks, at:

Enos Mills and F.O. Stanley

John Muir


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