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What purpose do the bumps on the “J” and “F” keys serve?
Maintain proper hand placement
Keyboard alarms

Which woman was the first to tend to wounded soldiers on the battlefield?
Clara Barton
Louisa May Alcott
Julia Child

Which composer was a well-known child star by the age of 6?

Typing Ninja

MonkeyLearning to type accurately and quickly is a breeze when you use Typing.com. With a parent’s permission, create a free student account to start. No email address is required. As you master each tutorial you take a step closer to becoming a great typist, one letter at a time. Lessons are easy to follow and clearly show which finger should be used for each key. Want extra practice? Play Keyboard Ninja and Fire Typer in Games. Customize your screen with Skins and earn Badges with each successfully completed lesson. Ready to check your typing speed? Take the test to find out your words per minute.

Kitten Hop
Kitten Hop

Play to Learn

USALearning Games for Kids, learninggamesforkids.com, provides math, language, social studies and geography games for elementary-age kids. Select from the Menu of subjects to begin. Math Man was inspired by the classic video game Pacman, only you eat a question and then capture the ghost with the correct answer. You’ll have to think fast in this game! See how well you know famous stories such as “Huckleberry Finn” and “The Black Stallion” in Literature Games. Test your knowledge of your home state in U.S. State Games. Select a topic in Social Studies to play games based on people who influenced our world.

Visit the Symphony

BeethovenExperience music through interactive games and activities when you visit the Dallas Symphony’s DSO Kids, dsokids.com. In Listen you will have the chance to hear famous works and read biographies of your favorite composers. Step onto the field to play Beethoven’s Baseball, where correct answers about famous composers throughout history will help you win the game. Build Your Own Xylophone, take Flat Beethoven along on your next adventure and more, with Activities at Home. The DSO Kids Gallery features photos and original artwork shared by kids around the world who love music just as much as you do. Share your favorite musical moments.

Speak Out

What activity do you set
aside time to practice?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: I joined the string ensemble at my school this year, and we have to practice 60 minutes a week. Do you have any tips about how to squeeze practice time into my already busy schedule? — Tory J., Manhattan, New York

Dear Tory: The first step in making practice a priority is to set aside a quiet place for it. Find a location where you won’t be distracted by extraneous noise and you won’t be interrupted.

Also, make sure that all the materials you will need are close at hand in your designated rehearsal space. For instance, you may have certain apps you use on a tablet during practice to help tune your instrument or time your session.

Every instrumentalist has certain goals to work on at any given time. Have a specific goal in mind for each practice so you will be focused and can challenge yourself when you work on your skills. The length of your practice does not matter as much as its quality.

For more information on making the most of rehearsal time, check out How to Practice a Musical Instrument, tinyurl.com/jlr2b9q.


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