Week of September 11, 2016
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What are the three basic movements in Motion Geometry?
Stop, Drop, Roll
Run, Jump, Walk
Slides, Flips, Turns

What is the other career of the author of “The Phantom Tollbooth”?
All of the above

What is the fastest growing occupation in the United States?
Personal Care Aide
Industrial-organizational psychologist

Animated Math

HockeyThe animated characters at Math Live, tinyurl.com/
, want to help you apply math concepts to real-life situations. Meet the characters who will guide you through each lesson, then choose a topic. If you want to learn Place Value, head to Base Burger to find out just how important that decimal point is when buying lunch. In the Area and Perimeter episode, Joe and Chelsea need to use blocks of snow to build a perimeter around the pond to protect the puck during the hockey game. Then learn strategies for Estimating, including Front-End and Rounding Numbers.

Puppy Pull
Puppy Pull

Random House Kids

BaseballHave you ever read an amazing book and wanted to learn all you could about its author and characters? The world’s largest publisher of children’s books presents Random House Kids, randomhousekids.com. “The Emerald Atlas,” “Junie B. Jones” and “Ballpark Mysteries” are just a few of the books published by Random House. Scroll through titles to see authors’ story inspirations, check Games for your favorite characters, and view Videos’ trailers revealing clues about the books. Find out if your favorite author might be visiting a bookstore near you in Authors & Illustrators.

Get the Facts

BookThe Bureau of Labor Statistics, www.bls.gov/k12, is the Federal Government’s fact-finding agency. It gathers information about the economy, including employment, consumer spending, safety and health. Meet Rare Book Conservator Yasmeen Khan, who works in Career Videos at the Library of Congress. Combine geography and statistics when you play Name that State in Games and Quizzes. Student Resources is a wealth of information you can use to make informed career decisions, gather statistics for class projects or create Charts and Tables for a written report. You will want to keep this valuable resource handy!

Speak Out

Have you ever created
your own website?

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Dear Amy: We are designing a website this semester and I want to do a good job, but I have never created one before. Do you have any advice? — Michael T., Tacoma, Washington

Dear Michael: Once your teacher provides guidelines for the project, you can begin your research. As you search for graphics and gather information, remember to focus on reputable sources. Websites that end in “.edu,” such as the Smithsonian Institution, si.edu, are educational institutions, and those that end in “.gov” are government institutions, such as the Library of Congress, loc.gov. Always be sure to properly cite sources for facts and images.

Fortunately, there are website builders that are user-friendly for kids. Wix.com and Weebly.com are two of the most popular free website creators, with templates and drag-and-drop features that allow you to create a stunning website in a short time.

When choosing a design, keep both your audience and subject in mind. For example, if your site discusses serious political or social issues, you may want a professional appearance with muted colors. On the other hand, if you are creating a website about gardening, bright colors and whimsical features would be more appropriate.


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