Week of September 4, 2016
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What is the name of the door in “The Invisible Tower”?
Mrs. Thresher
Mrs. Towers
Mr. Shelton

What is the land area size of the District of Columbia?
48 square miles
58 square miles
68 square miles

What game
inspired the choice of the name “The Mall”?
Mallet ball

Harper Collins Games

GirlHarper Collins wants you to enjoy your favorite literary characters in Games, tinyurl.com/hyb2lvw. Help Zombie Kid Nick turn back into a human when you play Case File 13. Fancy Nancy needs your help to catch the butterflies, so try to move through the levels quickly. In Otherworld Chronicles, watch a short video about The Invisible Tower and unlock a sample of the book to begin reading. You may need your X-ray vision to spot the souvenirs collected by characters Coke and Pepsi when you play The Genius Files Treasure Hunt. Then head over to Rotten School and help Bernie feed Beast!

Country Toad
Country Toad

USA for Kids

USAThe Consulate General of the United States created USA for Kids, www.usconsu
, to introduce students to life and culture in this country. Did you know that Georgia was named for King George II of England? Explore USA to learn facts about every state, commonwealth and territory. Jump Back in Time to find detailed descriptions of time periods such as the Reconstruction and the Great War & Jazz Age. Meet the People and select profiles of presidents, artists, athletes, scientists and more. Be sure to bookmark this site for your next state history project.

Mall History

DCHave you ever wondered why there’s an area in Washington, D.C., called the National Mall, but it has nothing to do with shopping? Visit mallhistory.org to learn where it is and why it was created. First visit the Interactive Map and click the tabs to find out more about why each location is important. Head over to Explorations for a Scavenger Hunt, a peek at the neighborhood during the 1800s, and to see alternate designs for the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument. Learn more about the many People who played important roles in the history of the Mall. Discover why George Washington fired the original city planner, Pierre Charles L’Enfant.

Speak Out

Have you ever participated in a mock presidential election at your school?

Speak Out Here!

Electing Presidents

With all the news about the upcoming presidential election, you might be wondering just what is involved in filling America’s highest elective office. It’s important to learn about our political process when you are young, because every American citizen has the right to vote at the age of 18. Soon you will have the opportunity to participate — or you might even run for office yourself someday!

While every citizen’s vote is important, you might be surprised to learn that presidents are selected by the voters of the Electoral College. There is no federal law requiring electors to cast their votes for the winner of the popular vote, although most states follow a “winner take all” procedure.

The Presidential Election of 1824 is an example from U.S. history when a national election became quite complicated. Find out just how complex it was, and learn more about the many aspects of our political process in Electing America’s Presidents, edsitement.neh.gov/feature/electing-america-s-presidents.


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