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What is the location of the Case of the Gruesome Bite?
Monterey, California
Seattle, Washington
Santa Fe, New Mexico

How long did the oldest known bat live?
41 years
51 years
61 years

Where do
Powerful Owls nest?
In the mountains
On the ground
A vertical hollow in a large old tree

Insect Games

TelegraphLearn about the insects living in your backyard at Pest World for Kids, pestworldforkids.org/
. Have you ever looked at a bug and wondered what it would look like with different parts? Design your own species of insect in Bug Builder, then save your picture to the Gallery. Navigate the world of a house ant in Archibald’s Adventure, encountering the hazards ants find unappealing so you can keep these critters out of your home! As Pest Detective, try to identify which pest caused a house to collapse. Then, in the Case of the Gruesome Bite, examine the location and find clues to solve the mystery.

Kitten Match
Kitten Match

Essential Bats

BatDid you know that a single bat eats between 2,000 and 6,000 insects every night? The Organization for Bat Conservation, batconser
, wants you to know the contributions bats make in the world. Watch Fun Facts About Bats to learn about the different species, what they eat and where they live. You may be shocked to know that some bats can fly 50 miles per hour. In Myths and Facts About Bats, see why these mammals are critical to pollination, medicine, technology, vegetation and insect control. In Threats to Bats, learn why white-nose syndrome is a major problem.

Birds of Australia

OwlBirdLife Australia created Birds in Backyards, birdsinbackyards.net, to educate communities about bird conservation. Did you know that certain flowers will attract more birds to your backyard? Creating Places shares guidelines for creating desirable habitats for Australian birds. Gallery of Gardens shows some of the country’s beautiful bird habitats. Check out Nest Box Plans for names of birds that use boxes. Birds are very helpful in controlling insects in any backyard. See a list of Australia’s small insect-eating birds in About Birds. Visit the Powerful Owl NestCam to see this beautiful creature in its natural setting.

Speak Out

What is your favorite remedy
for mosquito bites?

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Dear Amy: How do we avoid getting mosquito bites? — Jamie W., Grand Haven, Michigan

Dear Jamie: While there is no foolproof way to avoid mosquitoes, you can reduce your risk of getting bitten. Insect repellents containing DEET or icaridin are useful, as well as natural products such as oil of lemon eucalyptus.

Did you know that mosquitoes can bite through fabric? Experts recommend wearing loose-fitting clothing, especially in humid weather. You can even spray your clothing with insect repellent if you know you will be out on a humid evening. In certain areas, a mosquito net can be effective protection when you sleep.

If you do get bitten, there are several home remedies to relieve the itching. Toothpaste, lavender oil and honey are just a few of the natural products with itch-relieving properties.

You don’t have to live near a lake or other body of water to be exposed to mosquitoes; standing water such as puddles, storm pools or low areas in your yard that fill with rainwater are mosquito breeding grounds. Find more tips for avoiding mosquito problems at the Mayo Clinic’s Mosquito Bites, tinyurl.com/h24bbdp.


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