Week of August 21, 2016
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Which communication form was the first that could be sent from a great distance?

According to the AAHA, what are a couple of typical cat behaviors?
Playing peek-a-boo
Playing with food
All of the above

How do we
measure the size and age of the universe?
Measuring the rate of expansion, extrapolating back to the Big Bang
By looking for the oldest stars
All of the above

Timely Messages

TelegraphHave you ever wondered how people delivered messages before modern technology existed? The History of Communication
Technology, personal.psu.
, describes such inventions as the telephone, radio, television and postal system. Did you know that the radio did not transmit speech in its early days? Find out what it was originally used for. Once technology improved, families used radio in much the same way as modern families glean information from television and the internet. TV was invented nearly 50 years before its signals were broadcast in the United States.

Division Derby
Division Derby

Healthy Pets

PetsDo you have a family pet or plan on getting one? Visit the Pet Health Library, aaha.org/pet_owner/
, to get answers to your questions about how best to care for your pet. In Dog Care Resources you will find healthy treat recipes and articles about dog behavior, how to socialize your pet, and locating an accredited veterinary hospital nearby. Did you know that cats hide when they don’t feel well? Find out what behaviors to look for in Cat Care. In Other Small Animal Care you will find tips about how to look after your pet rabbit, gerbil, box turtle, bird, ferret or guinea pig.

Space Objects

SpaceNASA created Imagine the Universe, imagine.gsfc.nasa.
, to help students learn all about how scientists, astronomers and astrophysicists work together to explore space. Did you know that you encounter portions of the Electromagnetic Spectrum in your everyday life? Check out the Astronomer’s Toolbox in Science and then take a closer look at some of the other components of the universe, such as Active Galaxies, Dark Matter and Pulsars in Cosmic Objects. In Special Exhibits you get to Be the Astrophysicist. Try to help Detective Eagle Quark solve the mystery of exploding stars in the Space Forensics Game.

Speak Out

When does your school
year start for 2016-17?

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Find Your Next Book

With school starting this week in some parts of the United States, your first book report may be right around the corner. There’s no time like the present to get a head start on choosing a good book for the assignment.

The following websites are organized in such a way that finding a particular genre is a snap. Some of the sites include book reviews by peers to help you make an informed decision. Be sure to bookmark these so they’ll be handy for your next reading assignment.



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