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How did Bertie spend eight years living?
A frog in a pond
A pirate on a ship
A dog in space

When did the first cow arrive in America?

What is a Sprite?
An object in the game
A soft drink
A module

Audio Stories

FrogDid you know that audio books can improve your listening and concentration? Also, the narrators’ expressiveness, which enhances the story’s meaning, can help build your language skills. Storynory, storynory.com, is a collection of hundreds of narrated classics and original works. You’ll find familiar tales such as “The Snow Queen” and “Swan Lake.” “Katie, The Ordinary Witch” and Prince Bertie are in a series of original stories that kids really enjoy. Choose from many genres, such as Fairy Tales, Educational Stories, Myths and World Stories, and Poems and Music.

Play Dirt Bike Proportion
Dirt Bike Proportion

Learn About Cows

CowThe Animal Improvement Programs Laboratory, aipl.arsusda.gov/kc/
, is a helpful resource for dairy farmers. AIPL keeps records about milk production and criteria for evaluating the best bulls and cows. Do you know what piece of machinery was invented that allowed farmers to increase the number of cows milked per hour from six to 100? Cows in the United States produce 2,000 gallons of milk annually! Read more about Cows, then take the quiz. In Dairy, learn the process invented by French scientist Louis Pasteur that made milk safe.

Game Design

Shaun the SheepShaun the Sheep Game Academy, shaunsgameacademy.co.uk/learn-make.php, provides tutorials to help you create your own computer games. In the Introduction, learn how to get started with design and characters. The official Shaun the Sheep templates utilize M.I.T’s Scratch to build games. Check out Course 2, and begin the first of three Modules that will teach you how Scratch works so you can implement the steps of your project. Once you have completed a Module, Launch Project to begin designing. If you are looking for inspiration, check out Win to view award-winning games submitted in the previous competition.

Speak Out

What do you want to
be when you grow up?

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Choose a Career

Do you have any idea what you want to do for a career when you grow up? If so, it’s never too early to see if you are picking something that matches your talents and interests. If you want to be a teacher, for instance, you might volunteer for after-school tutoring at your school. This could give you an idea of what age group you would like to work with and what subject matter you would enjoy teaching.

If you want to be an artist, join the art club to gain more exposure to your subject of interest. Future band directors, conductors and musicians can learn to play instruments at a early age. The ability to read sheet music is just one skill that will come in handy whether you decide to go into musical theater, performing or teaching.

Many communities offer recreational instruction for kids. Let’s say you want to be a chef when you grow up. If you take an introductory cooking class and learn the basics now, you can begin developing your talent and learn more about the industry. Not sure what career you want to pursue yet? Take the Career Quiz, princetonreview.com/quiz/career-quiz.


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