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Who was the first person to win medals in five different Olympic games?
Johnny Weismuller
Allyson Felix
Ben Ainslie

How are Olympic rowing races divided?
Sculling vs Sweep
Single vs Pairs
Lightweight vs Heavyweight

What was the Sacred Truce?
A pledge to be honest.
A peace agreement during the games.
An agreement among athletes.

Top 100

AthletesWriters at NBC Sports share a list of The Top 100 Olympic Athletes at tinyurl.com/j472wcn. While it’s impossible to choose a single greatest athlete, many fascinating stories can be found throughout the Games’ history. Can you name the pastry chef who was a marathon runner? The oldest swimmer ever to compete in the Olympics was 41. Learn her name and the Games she competed in. The Dream Team changed the Olympics for all time. You’ll recognize some of the names. Ray Ewry spent part of his youth in a wheelchair. Read what he went on to accomplish later in life.

Play Demolition Division
Demolition Division

Rio Olympics

StatueStep behind the scenes to find out all of the information you need about the 2016 Olympics hosted by Rio at olympic.org/rio-2016. When you select an event in Sports you will uncover its history and featured athletes. Did you know that Equestrian Jumping originated from adaptations to foxhunting? Meet the fascinating contenders in this and past years’ games in Athletes. Greg Louganis is considered the greatest diver of all time. Did you know that Michael Phelps began swimming when he was just 7 years old? You can relive hundreds of Olympic moments that are captured in Videos.

Ancient Games

Ancient GreekNearly 3,000 years ago in Olympia, Greece, the Ancient Greeks began celebrating the Olympic Games, bbc.co.uk/schools/primaryhistory/
, as part of a religious festival. While the modern Games did not begin until 1896, many traditions we observe today were inspired by those Games. For instance, they are played every four years, and spectators come from all over the world. The first Olympic Games lasted one day. Can you guess what the only event was? Only unmarried women were allowed to attend the early Games, and specific rules had to be followed. Visit Women at Olympia to find out more.

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Backyard Olympics

In honor of the Summer Olympics, you might want to gather friends and family to participate in your own backyard competition. You can be as creative as you please. No need to travel far to find a venue; your yard will serve nicely! To begin, divide friends and family into teams and create your own team names and t-shirts.

If all teams help with the planning, it will be a fun event for everyone involved. A blend of traditional games such as gymnastics and swimming can be added if the location permits. Do you have some ideas for other games you would like to see played? At your own Olympics, you make the rules, so water-balloon relays, crab-walk races and hula hoop contests are just a few of the events you can add.

Awards and closing ceremonies can be as fancy as you like. You can plan music, ask a friend to present the awards and even invite friends and neighbors to serve as spectators and judges. For these and other terrific ideas, visit Host Your Own Olympic Games for Kids, realsimple.com/work-life/family/olympic-games-kids/pick-sides.


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