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Why did the U.S. government initially create an air transportation network?
To fly the mail
To deliver food
To deliver medical supplies

Which subject do you use to solve the Soccer Problem?

What is In the Mix about?
Filtered water
Identifying Ingredients
Analyzing Glue

America By Air

AirplaneGo back in time and explore airline travel through the decades at America By Air, tinyurl.com/hgtfdx9. Choose a time period to fly from New York to San Francisco in Fly Across America. Scroll over photographs along the journey to learn fascinating facts about the industry and its growth. Early mail pilots did not have the sophisticated navigation systems available today; they actually had to fly close enough to the ground so they could use familiar landmarks to find their way. Learn more in Explore Exhibition, then check out Activities to see how commercial travel exploded in the 1950s.

Play Sailboat Subtraction
Sailboat Subtraction

Interactive Math

MathThe National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) created Web Sketchpad Interactives, illuminations.nctm.org/wsp, so kids in grades 3-12 can practice math principles. Students manipulate graphics to learn angles, area, multiplication and more. Learn Area of Triangles by making a copy of a triangle, creating a parallelogram. The number of handshakes between two people is easy to count, but what about 12? Use Data Analysis and Probability to figure it out. Take on more fun challenges in Related Resources. Solve the Soccer Problem to find the best placement to make a goal.

Everyday Science

Coaster3M and Discovery Education present the Science of Everyday Life, scienceofeverydaylife.com/families/
. Family Activities bring chemistry, physics and general science to light in your home and daily pursuits. Next time you hear the phrase “It’s not rocket science,” you will be able to explain the basic principles when you complete Full of Hot Air. Travel Through Time as you visit the Interactive Timeline of innovations from the last 100 years. Next, find out how that exhilarating roller coaster makes it up those inclines in Roller Coaster: The Ups and Downs of Fun. Enter the Virtual Lab to explore science in the kitchen when you play Too Hot to Handle.

Speak Out

How do you prepare for the
start of a new school year?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: School begins in two weeks, and I want to have a successful year. Do you have any suggestions for how I should prepare? — Chloe S., Tacoma, Washington

Dear Chloe: There are a few steps I like to take before the start of a new school year. One item I like to have on my supply list is a planner for keeping track of assignments. Staying organized can help you remember to turn in assignments on time and use your time wisely. Also, if there is a subject that I typically have trouble in, such as math, I try to have helpful homework sites bookmarked. BJ Pinchbeck’s Homework Helper, bjpinchbeck.com, is a good place to start.

A new school year is a fresh beginning. You can make new friends, develop good study habits and set goals, academic or social, for the year. One worthy goal could be to participate in a school activity such as a sport, club or band. School activities are great places to make new friends, since there isn’t always time to do so during the school day.

This might also be a good time to form a new study habit such as getting homework done before dinner each day. If you have a plan, I am sure it will be a terrific year!


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