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How many different countries are apples exported to?

Which instrument is the oboe’s “big brother”?
English Horn
French Horn

What type of frog has poison 20 times more toxic than other venomous frogs?
White’s Tree Frog
Cane Toad
Golden Poison Frog

Have an Apple

AppleDid you know that there are more than 7,500 varieties of apples in the world? You won’t find all of them in your local supermarket, but the ones from Washington state are common. Visit Crispy’s Apple Stand, kids.bestapples.com/kids/
, and learn about apples grown in Washington. There are more than 175,000 acres of apple orchards in the state. Learn more in Fun Facts. In Games and Activities, check out Crispy’s Crossword Puzzles and the Legend of Johnny Appleseed. Head over to Crispy’s Kitchen for recipes, including apple cinnamon pockets and apple crisp.

Play Alien Addition
Alien Addition

Meet the Orchestra

HarpThe Nashville Symphony Orchestra presents NSO Kids, nsokids.org. In Symphony Spotlight, you will meet some of the musicians who play for the symphony. Learn a little bit about how each musician came to choose this profession and listen to them play. In Our Instruments, take a closer look at the stage and see the positions of the instruments in the orchestra. Did you know that the word “glockenspiel” is German for “play of bells”? Listen to it play and decide if the name fits. Because of its sound, the gong is often used to make the sound of a thunderstorm or an ocean wave. Find out how the harp’s invention has roots in hunting.

Animal Research

JellyfishThe Aquarium of the Pacific presents its Online Learning Center, aquarium
. You’ll want to bookmark this page for your next animal research project. Click an image for Species Overview and see an in-depth description. Information is easy to find, as the site is organized alphabetically and by classification. You may even find sea creatures you have never seen before, such as the beautiful Pacific Sea Nettle. Visit Birds and meet the Little Blue (Fairy) Penguin, the world’s smallest penguin. Gather facts about its habitat, diet, geographical distribution and behavior.

Speak Out

Do you play a musical
instrument? If so, which one?

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Should You Play An Instrument?

Did you know that playing a musical instrument can make you smarter? Various parts of your brain must work together in order to read music and play the correct notes. When your brain works harder, it increases your memory and concentration skills, and even your math skills.

If your school has a band or orchestra program, you might consider joining it. Read more about the benefits of music at the following websites:

The Benefits of Music Education

18 Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument

12 Benefits of Music Education

Long Term Benefits of Music Study


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