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What math skill will you practice in Sheep Farm Thousands?
Numbers in Words
All of the above

How many buildings were destroyed in the fire?

What is the name of the tallest mountain on Earth?
Mauna Kea

Math Games

Math GameKeep your math skills sharp over the summer with more than 300 free e-learning for kids Math games, e-learning
. Choose your grade level for a list of interactive games that combine math skills and real world situations. In Grade 5, for instance, help the coach determine strategies in Baseball Fractions. Can the Singing Fairies keep Mad Marvin calm so he can complete his experiments? Meet Makiko in her Dojo, where understanding area and angles will help you in martial arts. Do you shine in division? Take an Amazon River Boat Trip with Julia for a challenge.

Play Giraffe Race
Giraffe Race

Fire of the Century

LincolnThe Great Chicago Fire of 1871, greatchicagofire.org/
, destroyed a city that had been growing and prospering for decades. In The Ruined City, see before and after photos of buildings such as the courthouse, library and churches in Galleries. The Web of Memory provides information from The Eyewitnesses. Use the interactive map that merges past with present in Touring the Fire to see the 54 landmarks associated with it. In Browse All Images, see drawings, paintings and artifacts collected in the aftermath of the fire.

Surprising Mountain Facts

MountainDid you know that some of the world’s tallest mountains are located at the bottom of the sea? Facts About Mountains, primaryhomeworkhelp.co.uk/
, is a new look at mountains around the world. You may be surprised to find that some islands are actually peaks of mountains protruding from the ocean. Visit World Mountains to learn about the tallest peaks on each continent. Did you know that volcanoes not only produce lava, but also can cause other disasters such as tsunamis and earthquakes? Read about the 100 million people who visit the Alps each year in People and Tourism.

Speak Out

Which campfire safety rule do you
think is most important? Why?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: My family is going camping this summer, and we will be cooking over an open fire. How do we make sure we don’t start a forest fire? — Macie G., Forks, Washington

Dear Macie: Camping is a wonderful family adventure! As long as you follow a few safety tips, you and your family will have a great time. Most important, follow any posted instructions at your campsite and do not build a fire if conditions have been dry.

When preparing a campfire, first select an appropriate spot. If a pre-made pit is not available, choose an area that is far from trees and low-hanging branches. Once you have a space, clear the area and make a ring of stones at least 2 feet wide. If regulations don’t allow bringing your own firewood, collect dead wood from the ground.

Forest fires are difficult to contain once they get started. Many times they are caused by campfires that have not been properly extinguished. Once you have cooked your meals, make sure the fire is completely out. Use a stick to stir the ashes and be sure all embers are cool to the touch.

To learn more about campfire safety, hear from an expert at Smokey Bear Campfire Safety, smokeybear.com/campfire-safety.asp.


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