Week of July 3, 2016
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What did Jefferson believe was important in a gentlemanís education?
Classical literature
Historical Fiction

How tall is the Lincoln Memorial?
10 feet tall
15 feet tall
20 feet tall

What is written on the back of the Declaration of Independence?
Written by Thomas Jefferson
Property of the United States
Original Declaration of Independence/ dated 4th July 1776

Jeffersonís Ideas

BooksSea of Liberty, seaofliberty.
, is a project inspired by the wisdom of Thomas Jefferson. Liberty, freedom and self-governance are all ideas he believed in. Explore a collection of inventions, maps and literature about events from around the world that influenced these ideas. When you are ready to Create, you have many options. You can Build a Timeline or Make a Word Cloud or video. Student projects are featured in the Showcase. See how others share their viewpoints about historical events and be inspired to create a project of your own. Register for free with a parent’s permission.

Play Typing Jets
Typing Jets

Explore the Archives

LincolnDigital Vaults, digitalvaults.org, is an interactive collection of more than 1,000 records from the National Archives. You have access to photographs, historical documents, presidential diaries, comic strips, news clippings, posters and more. Collect the documents you want to keep by dragging them to your tray. The Backtrack feature keeps a record of the items you have viewed so you can go back and take a closer look. Events and people throughout history are connected. Take the Pathways Challenge to see if you can find relationships between artifacts. Create a movie or a poster from your collection.

Declaration of Independence

GramophoneAs America celebrates the Fourth of July this week, it is also a great time to learn about the documents behind this beloved holiday. ConstitutionFacts.com presents the United States Declaration of Independence, constitutionfacts.
. Did you know that Thomas Jefferson is considered the Declaration’s primary author? Read his own words from more than two centuries ago. The “Dunlap Broadsides” were the 200 copies made of the original document to be distributed in the Colonies. In Fascinating Facts, learn what one of those copies sold for in 2000.

Speak Out

How do you celebrate the
Fourth of July holiday?

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Ways to Celebrate the Fourth of July

As you celebrate Independence Day with your family this week, you are probably looking forward to watching a professional fireworks display or attending a barbecue or other celebration with relatives and friends.
If you want to create some new traditions, you might check out the websites below for fresh ideas. Remember, if you plan to shoot off your own fireworks, make sure you follow your city’s regulations and the safety rules set by your parents.

4th of July Party Ideas

4th of July

Having a Fun and Safe Fourth of July


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