Week of June 26, 2016
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Which is the only parrot that canít fly?
True Parrot

What real-life person inspired the character of Garfield?
Jim Davisís grandfather
Jim Davisís teacher
Jim Davisís brother

What is it that really makes you smarter?
Dr. Know it Allís Potion
Staying hydrated

Animal Stories

BugNational Geographic Young Explorer, ngexplorer.
, is a
collection of stories told from the perspective of animals in their natural habitats. Read or Listen to Voyager to follow the fennec fox through the desert, then click on More Issues to see other creatures up close. In Life in a Rain Forest, follow a monkey as he encounters new wildlife. Wild Ideas shows products that were invented based on animals. Can you guess which insect inspired glow sticks? Find out how a lizard helped inventors create robots that climb walls.

Play Ducky Race
Ducky Race

Draw Cartoons

GarfieldHave you ever wondered how cartoonists draw their characters? Professor Garfield’s Artbot, professorgarfield.
, teaches you how to draw the famous comic strip cat, Garfield. How to Draw Garfield in Motion shows techniques such as the squash and stretch, which allow you to draw characters out of proportion to depict specific actions. Visit Drawing Animals for tips on sketching eagles and more. Artist David Reddick shares his techniques for drawing superheroes and princesses. Now grab your sculpting clay and learn from Jamie Crawford.

Learning Games

GramophoneTVO Kids Games, tvokids.com/games, makes subjects such as math, science, music and art loads of fun. Do you have a good sense of direction? You will need it to find your way out when you play the aMAZE-ing Journey! Record your own original musical composition in Beats in Bites. Dr. Know It All is claiming he invented an elixir that can make you smarter. Use your sleuthing skills to prove him wrong in the Big Escape. Did you know Canada is full of geographical gems? Find them when you sail Canada’s Treasure Trek. The Big Wig Sub Shop will reward your math skills in a hilarious way.

Speak Out

Have you recycled any
outdated electronic devices?

Speak Out Here!

Discard Electronics Safely
Are you aware that many of the parts used to build electronics can be recycled? Most households have one or more computers, cellphones, tablets, digital cameras or other mobile devices. New versions of each of these items are released periodically. The metals, plastics, glass and even the lead used to create the batteries that power these products can be recycled.

Did you know that choosing to recycle outdated electronics helps the environment? When a company designs a new phone, for instance, the components needed to build it must be procured. Manufacturing plants that use these materials often release pollutants into the air and water. The more you recycle, the less energy they have to use to mine and manufacture the products.

Rather than letting older electronics gather dust in a basement or garage, you can dispose of them properly. You might be surprised to know that retailers such as Best Buy, Staples, Sprint and Dell offer convenient recycling options for consumers. Learn more about these programs at Electronics Donation and Recycling, epa.gov/recycle/electronics-donation-and-recycling.


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