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When was the first Fatherís Day celebrated?
June 19, 1909
June 19, 1910
June 19, 1913

What type of tooth did Celeste find on the Ant Hill?
Crocodile Tooth
Wooly mammoth tooth
T-rex tooth

What is the vote counter doing to numbers?
Splitting them in half
Subtracting numbers
All of the above

Father’s Day History

Fathers DayDid you know that Father’s Day dates back to 1910 and is celebrated in more than 50 countries around the world? The Birthplace of Father’s Day, fathers
, explains its origin in Spokane, Washington. A sermon about Mother’s Day at church inspired Sonora Smart Dodd to pursue a holiday for fathers, too. Read The History to learn about her life and how her family experiences influenced her decision. Watch a documentary about the holiday and the family On TV. Family members and friends share stories about the woman referred to as the Mother of Father’s Day.

Play Furious Frogs
Furious Frogs

Virtual Museum

Dry CreekWelcome to Dry Creek, ucmp.berkeley.edu/educa
, takes you back in time 60-70 million years to explore Montana. As an Individual Explorer, enter the lab and meet your guide, Celeste Cruz, a paleontologist who will help you gather fossils. Start by visiting an Ant Hill, where you will find several small fossils. Set up camp and explore the area to discover more. Watch a movie clip to learn how the river has cut through the earth, exposing layers of rock. Can you find out why Sites 1 and 2 are so different?

Solve the Mystery!

ManSam Lava and Dottie Double need your help to solve Maths Mysteries, counton.org/mathsmysteries. The Space Federation has given Sam Lava special permission to go on a Space Adventure. He plans to travel to the Cold Star to discover why this particular star stays cold when all other stars are always very hot. You’ll have to solve some math challenges along the way. Dottie Double is at the Chart Idol competition, and someone is trying to sabotage the contest. Costumes have been misplaced and the lights have been shut off! Dottie needs your help in counting the votes. Can you assist her with the computer so the results will be accurate?

Speak Out

At what age do you think kids should be able to have cellphones? Why?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: My parents say I am too young to have a cellphone. What is a good age to get one? — Brenda T., Seattle, Washington

Dear Brenda: Having a cellphone is a big responsibility. There is not really a specific age that is universally agreed on as appropriate for a kid to have a phone of his or her own. It’s important to consider the reasons you would like to have a cellphone, and to recognize whether it is a “need” or a “want.”

Some points to consider are the expense to your parents for the phone’s purchase and its monthly fee; whether your classroom has a phone available during the school day in case you need to contact your parents; and whether you are going to be away from your parents outside of the school day and might need to call them for a ride home or to let them know where you are.

It is also important to acknowledge that with all the apps and software available on smartphones, you will have a responsibility to use them wisely. Common Sense Media suggests some questions that you might want to discuss with your parents to help decide if you’re ready for a cellphone at tinyurl.com/gu3geb3.


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