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In which era did the first percussion instrument enter the orchestra?

Who writes the “Galactic Hot Dogs” series?
Max Brallier
Nichole Kelley
All of the above

Which instrument resembles a harpsichord?

Play Ball!

Baseball DiamondArtsEdge, tinyurl.com/
, brings sports and music together when you play Perfect Pitch. Take the Field and choose an era of music to begin. Before you create your lineup, Meet the Players. The Baroque instruments have existed the longest. Learn the Basics, meet the All Stars and gather Fun Facts about each instrument — this knowledge will help you when the game begins. Can you guess which era introduced percussion? Visit the time periods to find out. Each instrument family gained new members in the Romantic era. See if you can name them all. When you are ready, click on home plate to Play Ball!

Play Tugboat Addition
Tugboat Addition

Summer Reading

Reading BoySummer is a terrific time to read for fun! Funbrain’s Reading, funbrain.com/
, features books from popular children’s authors. “The 52-Story Treehouse” might inspire you to create your own clubhouse this summer, complete with high-tech gadgets and pizza! Have you read “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” or seen the movie? If you haven’t, read a chapter and meet the characters before your next trip to the library. Help the Plural Girls find their friends in Reading Games. Choose the correct words in the Translator Alligator and Word Confusion.

Identify the Sound

PianoHow well do you know your musical instruments? The PC Philharmonic has created a game that will challenge your listening and instrument identification skills at musicgames.net/livegames/
. Movies, theaters and outdoor concerts are just some of the venues that use live music to add to the atmosphere of a performance. If you are considering joining the school band or orchestra, or simply want to learn to play an instrument yourself, listening to a variety of instruments may help you narrow down your choices. Once you match the instruments to their sounds, enjoy the glorious excerpt from Mozart’s “The Magic Flute.”

Speak Out

What is your favorite
baseball team?

Speak Out Here!


Summer is a terrific time to go to the ballpark and enjoy a baseball game with your family. Whether it’s Little League or the major leagues, spending warm summer evenings cheering on your team is a popular American pastime. Learn all about your favorite baseball team at Major League Baseball for Kids, mlb.com/mlb/kids.

If you have never watched baseball, you may want to learn about the game first. Not sure about the rules? Basic Baseball Rules, youthbaseballbasics.
, will have you up to speed in no time.

Baseball is more than just fun to watch; it’s great to play with family and friends. You get to practice throwing, catching, hitting a ball and running. All are great ways to get exercise and stay healthy.

If you are just beginning, don’t worry: Practice will improve your skills, and this will help you have an easier time in P.E. next school year. You may have heard the phrase “Keep your eye on the ball.” Eye-hand coordination is essential in many activities, so grab your gear and head out to the field!


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