Week of June 5, 2016
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Where do parasitoid wasps lay their eggs?
In the ground
In their nests
All of the above

What must a canopy walkway be strong enough to hold?
Researchers and equipment
Gorillas and Lions
Elephants and Tourists

What is Ramona’s middle name?

Meet Wasps

WaspAre you afraid of wasps? While most people fear them, you may be surprised to know that these critters serve useful purposes in nature. Enter the Wonderful World of Wasps, amnh.org/
, to learn more about these interesting insects. In You Are the Queen, you’ll be in charge of building a strong colony. Read facts about the wasp life cycle to help you make decisions along the way. Next, meet Carly, a student at the American Museum of Natural History. She has written a comic book series detailing how she went from insect-hater to entomologist.

Play Toad Hop
Toad Hop

Science for Kids

FootbridgeBefore you can build a project such as a bridge or a boat, you need to create a test model to make sure your design will work. Kids Try Science, teacherstry
, is a collection of fun math, science and technology projects you can try at home. Build a Balloon Car that runs solely on air power. What does geometry have to do with science? Find out when you Build a Raft in a few simple steps. Test your raft in the water to make sure it floats. When you Build a Treetop Walkway, you have to choose your materials carefully so you don’t damage the rainforest.

Ramona Quimby

RamonaOne of the world’s most celebrated children’s authors turned 100 years old in April of this year. Beverly Cleary, beverlycleary.com, has been delighting children all over the world with her wonderful characters for generations. Meet the Characters and see how much you know about Ramona Quimby and her friends. Next, Explore the Neighborhood, where fun details pop up as Henry rides along practicing for his paper route and Otis’ teacher comes up with a plan to end his spitball habit. Visit the Klickitat Street arcade in Fun and Games. Build as many words as you can in Spelling Bee-zus. Download fun games to host a Ramona Quimby birthday party.

Speak Out

What is your favorite type
of summer reading?

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Dear Amy: How can I become a better creative writer over the summer? — Beatrice W., Boston, Massachusetts

Dear Beatrice: Did you know that most great writers are also avid readers? They read all different genres of books and short stories to discover the styles they like best. This is something you can easily do over the summer, since you won’t have homework taking up your spare time.

If you don’t currently read for pleasure, you’ll be surprised to find how much fun a good adventure, mystery or biography can be. If you are not sure where to start, you might try a site such as Book Adventure, bookadventure.com/kids_zone.aspx, to help you create a list of books you can look for that are about topics you’re interested in.

Writing takes practice, and one great way to get practice is to keep a journal over the summer. Write down your thoughts, describe funny incidents that happen and record favorite memories. Many successful authors write stories based on their own life experiences, which is why keeping a journal is a terrific habit to get into if you want to become a better writer. Share your stories with a trusted friend to get a fresh perspective.


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