Week of May 29, 2016
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What does VGM stand for?
Virginia Graham Baker
Virginia Genine Baker
Virginia Grace Baker

What type of marine animal do fishermen grow on ropes?

What type of fuel can be made from either “energy-cane” or corn?

Pool Safely

Swimming PoolDo you enjoy swimming? Pool Safely, poolsafely.gov/
, wants you to have fun and stay safe in the pool this summer. Listen to Laurie Berkner’s “Pool Safely Song” to learn a few simple safety rules. Interactive games in Adventures of Splish and Splash will teach you what to remember at a home or public pool and when learning to swim. Did you know you should never put your fingers or toes into pool drains or filters because they can get stuck? Watch Drain Covers and Your Safety in Educational Videos to see how a few simple steps can save lives.

Play Island Chase Subtraction
Island Chase Subtraction

Fish and Kids

FishThe Marine Stewardship Council created Fish and Kids, fishandkids.msc.org/
, a fun place to learn about sustainable fishing. The Fishy Fact Files contain photos, eating habits and habitats of many types of fish. Did you know that herring are caught in the Northeast Atlantic? Read the files to see where your favorite fish live. Most professional fishermen focus on one species. A Day in the Life of... gives an idea of how they catch different types of fish. Watch Seafood Sabotage in Games and Films to see how Raymond Blanc solves the mystery. Can you pass the Big Oceans Quiz?

Water and Electricity

Water GlassRunning water and electricity are modern conveniences all of us depend on today. Welcome to the Kids Zone, enwin.com/kids, where you can play games, take quizzes and learn safety tips. In Electricity, read about Energy Around the World. Did you know that 40 percent of the energy in the United States comes from oil? Iceland produces 99.9 percent of its energy from a completely different source. Check out Water to find out where 75 percent of the world’s fresh water is stored. Playing Safe explains how water and electricity, while necessary and useful, can also be dangerous. A few simple rules can keep you and your family out of harm’s way.

Speak Out

What is your favorite
family summer activity?

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Summer Plans

Once school is out and you’re not spending hours at a desk every day, you can take advantage of warm weather for walks, bike rides, swimming, gardening or just playing outside. It might be fun to set a goal to try a new activitiy with family or friends daily. Today’s Parent provides a Checklist of 50 Essential Summer Activities, site.todaysparent.com/checklist/50_Essential_

For something different on a rainy day, you might try rock climbing indoors. Gyms often provide introductory classes and walls for every level of fitness. Check out the Mountain Project, mountainproject.com/v/climbing-gyms/107140516, to find a gym near you.

Fresh fruits and vegetables abound at farmers markets in summer, so take advantage of the healthier options they provide and try new recipes for nutritious and delicious smoothies, salads and icy treats. Cook With Amber, cookwithamber.com, is a site started by a young chef who wanted to teach kids that it’s cool to be healthy. Watch her videos, then with a parent’s permission, try making dinner for your family.


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