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What contributes to the abundant rainfall in the Smoky Mountains?
Atlantic Ocean
Caribbean Sea
The Gulf of Mexico

What types of materials make up the layers of a lasagna garden?
Newspapers & kitchen scraps
Grass clippings & peat moss
All of the above

Which president ended private land ownership in the Grand Canyon?
President George Washington
President Andrew Jackson
President Theodore Roosevelt

Smoky Mountains

ForrestTake an electronic field trip through the Great Smoky Mountains, electronic
. Adjust the microscope lens to begin exploring the site. Watch a video about the park’s biodiversity. Interestingly, the largest number of species are invertebrates that live on the forest floor. The plants and animals found here are dependent upon each other. Learn more at A Connected Web, then Find the Connections in the food chain. Factories, auto emissions and acid rain can damage ecosystems. Play Home, Sweet Habitat and protect your chosen animal from Biodiversity Threats.

Play Word Invasion
Word Invasion

Kids Gardening

GardenSummer is a great time for family activities, but at KidsGardening.org’s Family Gardening, kidsgardening.
, you’ll find ideas for every season. Explore your backyard and Press Backyard Flowers and Leaves for a colorful art project. Attend a Farmers’ Market and support local growers – you might find some new vegetables to try! Did you know that fall is the best time to plant trees? Planting Trees and Memories will explain why. Have you ever heard of lasagna gardening? Learn about growing tasty food in Building a Lasagna Garden.

Grand Canyon

Grand CanyonDid you know that the Grand Canyon is visible from space? Grand Canyon History, grandcanyon
, shares facts and stories about one of Earth’s most famous natural landmarks. Learn about the role a photography studio played in the park’s history. The Kolb Studio opened in 1904 and is responsible for iconic images that have drawn tourists to the canyon for decades. Visit Canyon History to see Who Owns the Grand Canyon? You might be surprised to know that the U.S. government does not own all of this national park. Guess when human beings first inhabited the canyon.

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Family Vacation

Many families take a vacation during summer break. If your parents need ideas for fun places to go, you can do some research to contribute to the family discussion.

If you’re looking for relaxation and you enjoy swimming, a beach vacation may be for you. Families who enjoy camping, hiking, biking and water sports might consider the mountains or a lake for some quality family time. Thrill seekers could plan a trip to a favorite theme park. See if these sites help with your research:

Amazing Family Road Trips

Best Theme Parks for Families

Family Vacation Ideas

Top 10 Outdoor Family Vacations in North America


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