Week of May 15, 2016
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What’s the deepest we’ve ever dug into the Earth?
5.5 miles
7.5 miles
9.5 miles

What is the highest wind speed ever recorded for an F5 tornado?
150-216 mph
261-318 mph
324-412 mph

In the featured photo, which president’s daughter appears in her wedding dress?
President Lyndon Johnson
President Henry Ford
President Richard Nixon

Dinosaur Mystery

Dino FossilThere are many theories about why dinosaurs became extinct millions of years ago. What Killed the Dinosaurs?, tinyurl.com/hguwsd5, examines some of them. Geological evidence suggests that natural disasters may have played a role. One hypothesis is that an Asteroid Impact caused dinosaurs to die. Play the animation to see an impact equal to 300 million atomic bombs. Another theory is that volcanoes erupting over centuries released so much gas and ash into the atmosphere that sunlight was prevented from reaching Earth.

Play Grand Prix Multiplication
Grand Prix Multiplication

Net Smartz Kids

ClickyNetSmartzKids, netsmartzkids.org, is committed to teaching kids to navigate the Internet wisely. While the Internet is a useful resource for research, it can also be unsafe. Join Clicky and his friends on an interactive RBS Adventure. Solve challenges and earn badges to become a NetSmartz Kid. Remember the simple rules so you can stay safe on the Web. In Videos, learn why It’s Okay to Tell and why Bad Netiquette Stinks. Do you know that telling a trusted adult is the right thing? Watch NetSmartz Generation to find out why.


Polar BearWorld Wide Fund for Nature, wwf.panda.org/about_our_
, is committed to protecting Earth and its natural resources. Check out What We Do to learn about WWF’s Priority Species. Animals such as polar bears, marine turtles and giant pandas are threatened by poaching, habitat loss and more. Did you know that the size of the industrialized world’s Footprint is related to how much land, sea and freshwater it requires for daily activities, and how much energy we use and waste we create? Determine the size of your footprint in Our Earth. Find out what you can do to Live Green.

Speak Out

Which animal do you think is most
in need of conservation?

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Dear Amy: My teacher says that climate change is partly caused by global warming. Can you explain what this means? — Preston T., New Haven, Connecticut

Dear Preston: Global warming refers to the increase in temperatures near the Earth’s surface. The term is most often used in the context of the effect of modern human activity on global climate change, although fluctuations occurred naturally before the Industrial Revolution.

Our daily activities contribute to the increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which influences rising temperatures. Driving cars, using electricity and burning fossil fuels all contribute to this release of gases, the most common of which is carbon dioxide.

How does this relate to climate change? As the Earth warms, glaciers and ice in areas such as Greenland and Antarctica will gradually melt, causing rising sea levels and flooding in coastal areas, scientists theorize. As a result, millions of people will need to move further inland in the future.

To learn more about climate change and the greenhouse effect, visit Climate Change: Basic Information, epa.gov/climatechange/basics.


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