Week of April 24, 2016
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What area of the forest does the black grouse prefer?
Birch-dominated area
Norway Spruce-dominated area
Scots pine-dominated area

What are the two halves of your brain called?

How many
minerals are there?
More than 4,000
More than 5,000
More than 6,000

Visit the Forest

ForestTake a virtual guided hike and learn about sustainable forestry at the same time, when you visit UPM Forest Life, upmforestlife.com/
. This Finnish forest comes to life through videos of its residents in their natural habitats. Did you know that there are more than 30 species of trees here? See if you can spot the three most common ones. Examine the beautiful colors of the silver-studded blue butterfly. See if you can locate the blueberry bush, then find the other common berry living in this forest. Zoom In to try a little birdwatching, and you may spot the cranes feeding.

Play Ratio Stadium
Ratio Stadium

Peek Inside Your Brain

BrainTake a close look at how your brain works in The Split Brain Experiments, nobelprize.org/education
. Each hemisphere of the brain governs different bodily functions. Did you know that the right side of your brain controls the left side of your body? Mr. Split Brainy will demonstrate the functions directed by each side of your brain. He will then participate in experiments that show which parts of his brain are working properly. You’ll need more grant funding to continue the research, so correct and submit the proposal to resume the experiments.

Comprehension Practice

ReadingThe Jefferson Lab’s Reading Comprehension Passages, education.jlab.org/reading/
, is a great resource if you want to improve your reading skills. Your understanding of reading material can be enhanced by creating a mental picture of what the words are trying to say. If you are reading about Parts of a Plant, determining what is required to grow plants will involve thinking about the ones you may have seen in a garden and what they need to survive. For example, do they need shelter or do they live outside? Choose a passage that interests you and see if you can select the missing words based on the context.

Speak Out

Did you participate in any
Earth Day events last week?

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Study Apps

There are millions of applications available to download to your various mobile devices. Apps can be useful resources for studying for tests and finding help with homework.

How do you know if an app is worth downloading? Most of them are reviewed, but it can be difficult to discern whether a review is honest and from an impartial user. Fortunately, there are websites dedicated to reviewing apps. They narrow down your search with unbiased opinions about the pros and cons of each application.

Here are a few sites that will aid in your search (not all are free; talk to your parents):

Best Apps for Kids

Educational App Store

Top Best Apps for Kids

Best Kids App


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