Week of April 17, 2016
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What type of pencil produces the least waste as it is produced?
Mechanical pencil
Wooden pencil
Invisibility pencil

Which bird has "singing wings"?
Club-winged Manakin
Blue heron

What is the driving force behind many
cycles and systems in the natural world?
The sun
The ocean
The soil

Conservation Challenge

VillageTake the Scholastic Virtual Forest Challenge, scholastic.com/growgreen/
, to see if you are making the best choices for the environment in your daily activities. As we celebrate Earth Day this week, it’s important to be sure we are all doing what we can to conserve natural resources. For instance, rechargeable batteries are the best choice for handheld devices. Did you know that a microwave uses less than half the power that an electric stove does? Keeping their community clean is everyone’s responsibility, so always put recyclables and trash in the proper containers.

Play Coconut Vowels
Coconut Vowels

Learn About Birds

BirdDid you know there is a bird that spans a wider range of pitches than a piano in a fraction of a second? The Cornell Lab of Ornithology presents Bird Academy, academy.allaboutbirds.org/how-birds-sing/. The beautiful sounds that birds produce come from a special voice box called a syrinx. Discover How and Why Birds Sing. Listen to the Yellow Warbler’s song, then compare it to the lovely notes of the Eastern Meadowlark. Check out All About Bird Anatomy to learn how birds are built. You will learn avian anatomy in no time with this interactive feature!

Earth Systems

PhotosynthesisMeet Otis the Otter, the scientific host of Earth Matters, earthmatters4kids.
org/ main.html
. Catch up on the latest reports at Otis News, where he will explain the important water, air and soil cycles that benefit all living things on the planet. Did you know that Earth’s inhabitants have been breathing the same air for millions of years? New air is never added to the atmosphere. A trip to the Living Lab will give you a detailed look at how our natural resources work together to provide necessities such as plants and clean air. Put on your space suit and visit the Imaginarium to take a look at the systems in place in the atmosphere.

Speak Out

Which tax-funded public service
is most important to you?

Speak Out Here!

Understanding Taxes

As you may have heard your parents discussing, April is the month in which income taxes are due in the United States. There are several types of taxes we pay when purchases are made, such as sales tax on clothing and personal items. Other taxes, like personal property taxes on boats or cars and real estate taxes on homes, are assessed annually.

When you are employed, your pay stub will list the types of taxes that are withheld from your check. Federal income taxes fund many public services, including national defense, public roadways, and food and drug safety.

Social Security tax is deducted from paychecks so that once you reach retirement age, you will receive a monthly income based on what you paid into the fund. The Medicare tax helps cover medical costs upon retirement.

Taxes provide public services that are beneficial to all residents. To learn more, visit Understanding Taxes, apps.irs.gov/app/understandingTaxes/


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