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What does the First Amendment protect?
Freedom of Religion
Freedom of Expression
All of the Above

According to legend, which castle is the site where King Arthur’s father died?
Appleby Castle
Carlisle Castle
Pendragon Castle

What is
Using photos to detect voltage
Solar energy converted directly to electricity
Wind being converted to solar energy

Constitutional Law

PeopleHave you ever wondered what it would be like to be a lawyer? iCivics presents Do I Have A Right?, icivics.org/
. In this game, your law firm specializes in constitutional law. Your challenge is to pair potential clients with the best representation possible. As you listen to their cases, try to select the important parts of each case to identify and earn bonus Prestige. Lawyers in your firm will be experts in certain aspects of the law, and as you win cases, you will be able to hire more people and upgrade your office.

Play Elephant Feed
Elephant Feed

Visit the Castle

CastleExplore the castles of England, Scotland and Wales at castlexplorer.co.uk. Although most castles were built centuries ago, you can still visit many of them today. Peek inside the impressive rooms of Dover Castle in South East England. Visit the beautiful grounds of Stirling Castle in Central and West Scotland. Did you know that King James VI grew up there? As you scroll through photos, read the history of this fortress. Penhow Castle in South East Wales was built in 1129 and is a private residence today. In About Castles, learn their many functions.

Renewable Energy

GeyserConserving energy is something everyone should participate in. Kids & Energy, kids.esdb.bg/newenergy.html, highlights the ways scientists and inventors are discovering to create and conserve energy. In Energy-Smart Inventions, you might be surprised to learn how long electric cars have been around. Did you know that hydropower has been in use for more than 2,000 years? Find out how it works. You may not have heard of Biomass, but you have certainly seen its components, such as fast-growing trees and grasses. Can you guess what this type of energy is best suited for? Keep exploring to learn about all types of energy.

Speak Out

What steps has your family taken to
cut energy costs at home?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: What can my family do to conserve energy? — Padma S., Trenton, New Jersey

Dear Padma: There are many ways you and your family can conserve energy at home. Did you know that taking a short shower will use much less water than a bath? A bath can use an average of 15-30 gallons of water.

Shutting off lights, TVs and other electronic devices when you leave a room is another good habit. Also, heavy curtains can help block cold air from windows on cold winter evenings. If you keep the curtains open during the day, the sun can provide heat to help you stay warm.

You can also encourage your parents to save energy in different ways around the house. For instance, they can adjust the thermostat a few degrees higher in the summer and lower in the winter. The water heater uses energy as well; households can save energy by washing clothes in cold water. Energy-efficient lightbulbs can last up to five years and use far less energy than traditional bulbs.

Check out Energy Saver, tinyurl.com/hwzjrzz, for more ideas to begin saving energy in your home today!


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