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What does Mylo uncover about the Unlikely Technology company?
They are a reputable company.
They are running an investment scam.
They have been in business for 100 years.

What is your job at the Grocery Store?

What were the Maya people best known for?
Astronomy and Mathematics
Weavers and Potters
All of the above

Scam or Wise Investment?

BadgeFraud Scene Investigator, wvsao.gov/suitableinvest
, can help you evaluate whether an investment is sound. If a company asks you to invest in a product, how do you know if it is trustworthy? In Chapter 1, follow Kim as she helps Grandmother decide if Unlikely Technology is a worthwhile investment. Learn what “bankruptcy,” “pump and dump” and “broker” mean. If someone promises that an investment will yield a huge return in a short amount of time, it may be too good to be true. Find out what to look for to protect your money.

Play Penguin Hop
Penguin Hop

Get to Work!

CarsWelcome to Money Metropolis, practicalmoney
, where you have to do your job well to earn money. What would you like to save for? Once you establish your goal, you will begin with one month’s allowance in your budget. Now take a walk around town and find work. Aidan’s Gas Station is a fine place to work, but you’ll have to work fast. Customers won’t be happy if they have to wait too long. The Library needs your help to sort books. Daniel’s House is noisy, but you can earn $15 by keeping the house quiet while the baby sleeps.

Ancient Places

MonumentsMysterious Places, mysteriousplaces.com/
, uncovers ancient civilizations. Tour Easter Island in the South Pacific, home of hundreds of enormous carved statues called “moai.” In Mysteries of the Maya, ruins tell us much about the people who built them. Tour Chichen Itza to learn why they abandoned their temples and pyramids. Next, visit Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England, the ancient monument that dates back 5,000 years. Did you know that more than a million people visit each year? Its purpose is still a mystery, but the photographs may help you draw your own conclusions.

Speak Out

Do you receive an allowance
for doing household chores?

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Allowance or Not?

One of the most important lessons all kids should learn is that you have to work to earn money. Parents are not required to give you an allowance for keeping your room clean, putting your things away or doing your homework. Some of what you do at home is your responsibility, just as providing you with food, clothing and shelter is your parents’ responsibility. With this in mind, should you receive an allowance?

An allowance is a great way for you to learn to earn, save and spend money wisely. Talk to your parents about chores you can do to make extra money. For instance, you could clean out the garage, rake leaves, mow the lawn or do other helpful tasks.

When you learn how much work is required to earn the money for the bike or video game you want, you will understand that a good work ethic is a valuable quality to possess. Read more about this at Should You Give Your Kids an Allowance?, pbs.org/parents/special/article-finance-should-you-give-kids-allowance.html.


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