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What types of characters can be used in a cryptogram?
Numbers and English letters
Greek letters
All of the above

How old was Jane Goodall when she went to Tanzania?

Who was Mentorís father?

Create a Puzzle

WordsearchDiscovery Education presents Puzzlemaker, discoveryeducation.com/free-puzzlemaker, a website that allows people of all ages to create word searches, crosswords, mazes, hidden messages and more. If you have a class presentation, keep your audience engaged with a puzzle that includes your main points. A word search on Thomas Jefferson, for instance, might include documents he authored, his inventions, the name of his home and other details about his life. A reward such as candy or a pencil for those who finish will keep everyone on their toes.

Play Dirt Bike Proportions
Dirt Bike Proportions

New Research

HomeworkWhen you conduct research about a person, place or event in history, it is important to provide a clear picture about your subject. Instagrok, instagrok.com, is a research tool that provides an interactive map to gather Key Facts, Websites, Videos, Images and Concepts from reputable sources. A traditional search engine can pull up a list of millions of links in seconds, which can be overwhelming. Instagrok narrows the search and allows you to save the information you want to use. Watch the Instagrok demo to see how it works, then begin your search.

Language Arts Games

SamLearning for Kids Language Arts, e-learningforkids.org/language-arts, is a great place to practice your reading, writing and grammar skills. If you want to be an editor for a newspaper, magazine or publishing house when you grow up, you will need excellent grammar skills. Sally is a sports editor who needs your help to get her articles ready for print in Grammar. Visit the friendly town of Whoville, where Hannah and her friends will help you learn to identify the Main Idea. King Alexander helps you uncover Literary Devices that originated in Ancient Greece. The map will guide you to the ancient stories that have the clues you will need to find the treasure.

Speak Out

Who is your favorite historical
figure to research?

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Dear Amy: How do I know if an educational app is worth downloading? — Amelia H., Tampa, Florida

Dear Amelia: Educational apps can be helpful for a variety of reasons. For instance, math apps such as Arcademic Skillbuilders can help you improve your multiplication, division, addition and subtraction skills. Music apps like Flashnote Derby can help you learn to sight-read music.

Choosing a reputable app for your tablet or mobile device can be difficult with the thousands of options available. Reading reviews is one way to learn more about an app, but reviews may not always be reliable. Fortunately, there are several websites devoted to testing and providing unbiased reviews.

The American Association of School Librarians shares Best Apps for Teaching and Learning 2015, ala.org/aasl/standards-guidelines/best-apps/2015. Also, check out the lists from 2013 and 2014 available at the bottom of the page.

Best Apps for Kids, bestappsforkids.com, provides suggestions for categories such as Age/Grade, Rating, Education, Ebooks and Games. You are sure to find some helpful apps at this site.


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