Week of March 20, 2016
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What do cartilage cells do?
Protects your cells
Deliver blood to your heart
Cushion bones in your knees

How loud is a typical conversation?

In what year was copyright protection given to dramatic works?

Hard-Working Cells

SoccerCentre of the Cell, centreofthecell.org/learn-play/games, features games that take the mystery out of the different types of cells that make up living organisms. Gather the cells you need to score a soccer goal in What Is a Cell? Explore a Cell to learn about the work cells do. Osteoblasts keep your skeleton strong. In Cell Turnover, find out how many cells are made in a minute. Cells are constantly replaced with new cells; even when you are sleeping, they are hard at work.

Play Demolition Division
Demolition Division

Turn It Down!

Hearing tipsHave you ever wondered how loud is too loud? Dangerous Decibels, dangerousdecibels.org, shows how some sounds can permanently harm your hearing. Check out Education to learn how you can protect your ears from loud noises. Protecting your hearing can be as easy as walking away from loud noises or turning down the volume of your music. Did you know that hearing damage can occur with as little as 15 minutes of exposure? Find out how to protect yourself, and share your knowledge with others.

Protect Your Work

Copyright DetectiveThe Library of Congress presents Taking the Mystery Out of Copyright, loc.gov/teachers/
. Have you ever noticed the message at the beginning of a movie prohibiting its reproduction or distribution? Authors of books, plays, songs and other original works are protected by law. This was not always the case. Explore the timeline of copyright milestones, dating back to the 15th century, in Files on Record. You’ll be surprised to learn how many types of work are protected. Read the Fine Print for answers to questions such as whether you need to register for copyright protection.

Speak Out

What is your
favorite spring

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Changing Seasons

It’s time to get outside and enjoy the changes that occur as winter turns to spring! Daylight Saving Time required that we set clocks forward one hour, allowing us extra daylight in the evening. Kids often use the time to stay outside, enjoy sports and play with friends.

While you are out, watch for early nesting birds such as eagles and hawks. Did you know that the largest recorded eagle nest was 9.5 feet in diameter? Find out where it was located when you visit the National Eagle Center, nationaleaglecenter.org/eagle-nesting-young/. Cavity nesters like woodpeckers and chickadees also start breeding earlier because of the protection afforded by their nest sites.

Journey North, learner.org/jnorth, is a terrific site to track the migration of robins, whooping cranes, gray whales and more. Did you know that gray whales make one of the longest migrations of any mammal? While you might not be on the ocean to enjoy them, you can track their 10,000-mile migration virtually. Kids are encouraged to log their sightings of migrating wildlife and report them.


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