Week of March 6, 2016
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How many species of birds are there?
More than 9,000
More than 11,000
More than 13,000

When was Pernebís tomb discovered?

What is Commercial Break Exercise?
Boycotting commercials
Perform exercise during commercials
Acting out commercials

Owning a Pet

PetsPBS Kids presents Why We Have Pets, pbskids.org/
. Are you thinking of getting a pet? Pet Responsibilities shares important details to consider first. Before deciding to get a dog, for example, you need to be sure you’ll have time to walk it, feed it and pay attention to it. Small animals like fish or hamsters typically live less than five years, while larger birds can live longer than 30! Your pet will be a member of your family, so check out Which Pet Is Right For You?

Play Sky Chase
Sky Chase

Explore the Met

TombThe Metropolitan Museum of Art invites you to uncover priceless works of art at MetKids, metmuseum.org/
. Explore the Map, where red and yellow pins lead to exciting exhibits such as the ancient Egyptian Tomb of Perneb, hidden for more than 4,000 years. Enter the Time Machine, where treasures appear at your fingertips when you select topics such as Inventions, Creatures, Secrets and more. If you can’t decide, press the forbidden red and green buttons and let the machine surprise you.

Keep a Journal

FruitKid’s Food Journal, www.kidsfood
, is a simple and fun way to keep track of your daily exercise and food choices. It can be tricky to get all the daily servings you need of fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy and water. Exercise is also important, whether you decide to play sports or choose another activity you enjoy, such as biking, jump rope or outdoor play. Weekly Wellness Tips will debunk many myths about nutrition. You can earn daily stars for making good choices. Explore the demo site to see how it works, then, with a parent’s permission, register for a free online account.

Speak Out

Do you believe you are ready for a pet? Why?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: My parents say I watch too much TV, but I don’t think I do. What’s wrong with watching a lot of TV, anyway? — Shane T., Monterey, California

Dear Shane: While television programming can be both educational and entertaining, watching too much can be harmful to your health. It can keep you from activities such as exercise, and can interfere with schoolwork and family time. Many people also get into the unhealthy habit of snacking while watching television, which can lead to weight gain.

Another reason to limit screen time is that behaviors demonstrated on television do not always depict wise choices. Watching violent or unsafe actions is thought to influence children to try such behaviors. You can learn more about this when you read How TV Affects Your Child, kidshealth.

Watching television can also affect your ability to sleep peacefully. When you watch scenes that are frightening or violent, those images can replay in your mind later while you are dreaming. With this in mind, when you do spend time watching movies or a show, it’s important to watch age-appropriate programs.


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