Week of February 28, 2016
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Who invented the graphophone?
Ben Franklin
Alexander Graham Bell
Paul Revere

What is a Capstone Project?
A final project that uses all skills learned
A history project
A geography paper

What is the problem in Car Wash Capers?
Water Shortage
Soap Shortage
Advertising the Car Wash

Knowledge Search

graphophoneWolframAlpha, wolframalpha.
is not just a search engine, but a “computational knowledge engine” useful for homework help. Check out Examples to see what types of information you can find. For instance, if you need help with a math problem, type it in to find step-by-step instructions for solving it. Or if you are writing a paper about inventors, your search will return more than 100 names, with organized and detailed information such as Notable Facts, Family Relationships, Wikipedia Summaries and more. Your research will be more efficient, and you’ll have the details for your paper in no time!

Play Word Frog
Word Frog

Writing Help

WriterWriting is an essential skill in school, whether it involves a book report, a summary of a reading assignment or research on a famous person. Academic Help, academichelp.net, provides tips for many types of writing, such as speeches, music reviews and descriptive or analysis essays. You can even learn to write an Annotated Bibliography. Choose from more than 400 writing samples to see what a well-written paper looks like. When you are ready to begin, the Assignment Planner will help you manage your resources wisely so your paper will be on time.

Money Games

Warren BuffetInvesting genius Warren Buffett shares his knowledge of sound financial practices at the Secret Millionaires Club, smckids.com. Did you know that Buffett is considered one of the most successful investors in the world? Get to know the colorful Characters who inspire good business practices. Watch the animated series in Webisodes, which features kid entrepreneurs who encounter business and financial problems that they need to solve. If you prefer reading, you’ll find their adventures in Comics. Perhaps it will inspire you to begin your own business! Test your math skills and find out just how much you know about running a business in Games.

Speak Out

What type of writing
assignment do you prefer?

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Dear Amy: What does it mean to plagiarize? Nathan V., Hartford, Connecticut

Dear Nathan: Plagiarizing is copying someone else’s writing, ideas or work and presenting them as your own. When you write a research paper and refer to something someone else wrote or said, you must give them credit. To learn how to cite references, visit The Writing Center, writing.wisc.edu/
. If you are still unsure how to cite a reference, try Easybib.com, a free online citation tool.

Some facts are considered common knowledge and do not need to be cited. For instance, if you mention George Washington’s birthday, you don’t have to cite a source because that is considered public knowledge. If you are unsure whether a source should be cited, however, it is best to document it. Find useful tips when you read 6 Ways to Avoid Plagiarism, en.writecheck.com/ways-to-avoid-plagiarism.

Many schools subscribe to websites that allow you to upload papers and check them for plagiarism. You can find a list of such sites at Top 10 Plagiarism Detection Tools, elearningindustry.com/top-10-free-plagiarism-detection-tools-for-teachers.


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