Week of February 21, 2016
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What is an abbot?
A person who runs a monastery
A catholic priest
A monk

Who invented the modern pizza?
King Umberto I
Queen Margherita
Raffaele Esposito

What principle exists in all theme parks?
The Principle of Electricity
The Principle of the Conservation of Energy
The Principle of Gravity

Learn More Words

detectiveExpand your vocabulary in Vocabulary Builder MatchIt, vocabulary.co.il/games2/
. Did you know that a broad vocabulary can help with schoolwork? When writing a research paper, for instance, you cannot just copy the information you find; you need to put it into your own words. This is easier if you have a wide range of words to choose from. In this game, you’re given sentences with missing words and you pick the word that best completes each one. Choose from three levels of difficulty. Try incorporating words you learn into your conversations.

Play Puppy Chase
Puppy Chase

Pizza History

ChefThe Dairy Council of California presents My Very Own Pizza, tinyurl.com/h76gp7n. Did you know that Naples, Italy, is considered the pizza capital of the world? Read the story behind the invention of this savory treat. The world’s first pizzeria opened in Italy in 1830. Do you know when the first one opened in America? Pizza Nutrition outlines the food groups represented on a pizza. Depending on the toppings you select, several food groups can be included in just one slice. Put on your Junior Chef’s hat and apron when you enter the virtual kitchen to Make a Pizza of your own!

Theme Park Science

PlaneHave you ever been to Disney World? Spaceship Earth, epcotspaceshipearth.
, is not just a popular theme park ride. There is real science behind this and other high-tech attractions found at the Magic Kingdom. There is Electricity all around the park, used for lighting, attractions, fireworks and more. Find out how it all works. Play Potentially Kinetic Coasters in Energy. Watch the Slideshow in Gravity to find out how it plays a crucial role in roller coasters, then head over to Goofy’s G-Force Flight Academy. Can you pass the stunt driver screen test when you play Lights, Motors, Action! in Trajectory?

Speak Out

What is your go-to energy food?

Speak Out Here!

Eat Healthy

Staying active, getting plenty of sleep and making wise food choices can help you be a better student. Did you know that what you eat affects your energy level and ability to focus?

Winter can be a great time to set new fitness and nutrition goals for yourself. Here are a few websites that can help:

Nourish Interactive


Let’s Move




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