Week of February 14, 2016
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Which two species of penguin are true residents of the Antarctic continent?
Macaroni and Chinstrap
Emperor and Adelie
King and Gentoo

What is “sick building syndrome”?
EPA warns that office air can be 100 times dirtier than outdoor air.
When someone in an office building has the flu.
When an office building needs repairs.

What is the correct way to check a smoke detector?
Press the test button
Spray canned smoke
All of the above

Antarctic Life

albatrossAntarctic Wildlife, bas.ac.uk/about/
, offers a look at life on the Antarctic continent. Did you know that although penguins have wings and feathers, they cannot fly? They are excellent divers, however. Less than 1 percent of the continent supports plant life; the rest is covered with ice and snow. Find out which species of flowering plants are found there. The largest seabird, the albatross, can live more than 60 years. Can you guess how far it can fly in a single day?

Play Capital Penguin
Capital Penguin

Get Outside!

Marine BiologistSee if an outdoor job might be in your future at Learn How to Become, learnhow
. Discover different jobs, their educational requirements and the salaries they command. While a bachelor’s degree may get you an entry-level position in marine biology, those most distinguished in the field have doctorates. Landscape architects design everything from gardens to playgrounds to office buildings. Could this inspire you to work outdoors?

Stay Safe

DisasterIf you were to encounter a wildfire, a tornado, a hurricane or another natural disaster, would you know what to do? Play Disaster Masters, ready.gov/kids/
, and evaluate each situation to make the right choice. Each correct answer earns points. At the end of each section you will receive a password to unlock the next level. In Level 1, meet the five heroes at a summer retreat in Colorado. They discover a wildfire is approaching their campground and need to take action to keep campers safe. Did you know that a tornado sounds similar to a freight train? How would you stay safe?

Speak Out

How does your family
celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Speak Out Here!

Valentine’s Day

As we celebrate Valentine’s Day, schools across the country will have class parties, and people will go out to dinner and exchange cards and flowers. But you may be wondering about the origins of the holiday.

You may be surprised to know that the origin of Valentine’s Day actually dates back more than 1,700 years. The Roman emperor Claudius II believed that marriage made soldiers weak and declared that they should remain unmarried. St. Valentine was a Christian bishop who believed that soldiers should be allowed to marry, and he performed marriage ceremonies in secret.

St. Valentine was eventually imprisoned and put to death for his crime, but he is still remembered today. Although both his life and death are surrounded by mystery, it is believed that he died on or near Feb. 14, 270 A.D.

The modern celebration of Valentine’s Day and the tradition of exchanging flowers, candy and cards actually began in England in the 18th century. To learn more about this holiday visit Valentine’s Day, abcteach.com/free/r/rc_


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