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Which ruins are located at Studley Royal Park?
Fountains Abbey
Machu Picchu

What is measured in the Ordering game?
Smallest to largest, tallest to shortest
Shortest to longest, least to most
All of the above

What is the third book listed in the Archaeology section?
The 5,000-Year-Old Puzzle
Archaeologists Dig for Clues
If Stones Could Speak

Wonders of the World

RuinsTravel the world at Google World Wonders, tinyurl.com/zqu5f6y, where street views let you explore as if you are there. Borobudur: Center of the Universe takes you to the world’s largest Buddhist temple. You’ll see why it is called the Mountain of a Thousand Statues. Select your next destination in Locations. Have you ever been to Italy? Step inside the 18th Century Royal Palace at Caserta and explore its beautiful grounds. The Grand Canyon became a National Monument in 1908. More than 1,000 images are on display in this exhibit, some more than 100 years old.

Play Minus Mission
Minus Mission

Math Challenges

ShelvesDo you enjoy number challenges? Knowledge Builder presents Math Games, maths
, a collection of timed activities to test your problem-solving skills. Identify the pattern in Find the Number. If you’ve ever played dominoes, use your knowledge to find the Missing Fact. In Conveyor Belt, eliminate the numbers between the factors given. Enter the number that will even both sides in Balancing Act. The timer is on, so think fast! Do you know your multiplication table? You’ll need those facts to score in Square Bricks.

Choose the Best Books

LincolnThe Best Children’s Books, the-best-childrens-books.org, is a collection that has been read and endorsed by educators. Thousands of children’s books are published annually. Choosing the best ones to read, whether for a school project or just for fun, can be tricky. Have you ever been assigned a book report with a specific theme? For instance, you might be asked to pick a president or inventor. You may also be assigned a topic such as Civil Rights or Arctic Animals. Before you head to the library, narrow down your search. Each book featured on this site has a review, a peek inside and details about its reading level.

Speak Out

What tips have you found helpful in
deciding if a website is reputable

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Dear Amy: My teacher recently assigned a project that requires Internet research. How do I determine if a website is reputable? —Cassandra B., Portland, Oregon

Dear Cassandra: A domain suffix is one way to quickly determine the origin of a website. The domain suffix appears at the end of the web address, or URL. If the URL ends in “.edu,” you can generally assume it is credible, because the suffix indicates the site was created by an educational institution. For example, MIT Opencourseware, ocw.mit.edu, was created by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The Smithsonian Institution has thousands of pages on its website, which is found at si.edu.

If the web address ends in “.gov,” you are viewing a website that belongs to the federal government, such as the Library of Congress, loc.gov. These sources can be used for information about all branches of government, as well as historical research about past presidents, government leaders and current events.

When a web address ends in “.org,” this indicates that the organization that created the website is a non-profit entity. This would include familiar organizations such as PBS and the San Diego Zoo.


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