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What does a vertebrate paleontologist study?
Ancient animals who walked vertically
Ancient animals with a bony skeleton
Ancient animals with long necks

In what year did King’s involvement in nonviolent protest begin?

Which person on a film is an administrator, communicator and guide?

Prehistoric Life

FossilDid you know that kids can be paleontologists? National Fossil Day Kids, nature.nps.
, has games, activities and information about the scientists who study animals that lived millions of years ago. Read about a 10-year-old who became curator of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science for a day. He even gave a lecture about how he became interested in prehistoric life. Learn how Kylie, at just 7 years old, found a museum-quality fossil while hiking. You can be a WebRanger in Paleontology Online.

Play Spider Match
Spider Match

Civil Rights

Dr KingScholastic presents Commemorate the Life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., scholastic.com/teachers/coll
. Dr. King was a civil rights leader who advocated peacefully for equal rights for African-Americans. In the video “The Man Who Changed America,” learn more about why we celebrate him and his accomplishments. In Dr. King’s Words you will find plays, listen to his famous “I Have a Dream” speech, and learn about how he used Persuasive Writing to convince people it was time for change.

Making Movies

Movie ReelHave you ever wondered how movies are made? Before films had sound, there was no need for scripts with dialogue. A person called a scenarist would invent humorous situations for silent films. Cinema Hollywood, learner.
, discusses the elements required to make a movie. Throughout the site, you will have the opportunity for hands-on activities. In Screenwriting, compare other scripts to an actual movie script and decide which one is best. Directing is a critical part of a film because the director is responsible for bringing the story to life. Also read about Producing, Acting and Editing. Which job would you like?

Speak Out

What science fair project
will you do this year

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Science Fair

This is the time of year to begin planning science fair projects. How do you choose the right one? The first step is to be sure you understand the science fair’s requirements for project submission. Keep in mind that your teacher may want you to focus on a specific area, such as Life or Earth Science.
Any project will be more interesting and fun if you choose a topic you care about. There are several websites that can help narrow down your topic and project ideas.

Science Buddies

JVC’s Science Fun

Science Bob

40 Cool Science Experiments on the Web


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