Week of January 10, 2015
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What should you do if someone online asks you to send your picture?
Donít send a picture.
Tell an adult you trust.
All of the above

How did the ancient Maya people write the number 14?
Two shells, four dots
Two dots, four shells
Two sticks, four dots

What is Jan Brett’s constant inspiration?

Internet Safety

LibraryCaptain Broadband wants you to stay safe on the Internet. Step into Safety Land, att.com/Common/
, and answer questions to earn your Hero Certificate. You should never share personal information like your name, address or phone number on the Internet. You don’t know if someone you are speaking to online is being truthful about who they are. A grown-up could try to trick you into thinking they are a kid just like you. That is why it is always important to tell someone you trust if you get a weird or scary message or email.

Play Drag Race Division
Drag Race Division

Punctuation Games

RuinsDid you know that the ancient Maya people were expert mathematicians? They used seeds, sticks and shells to solve complex math calculations. Now you can learn the Maya Math Game at maya.nmai.si.edu/maya-sun/maya-math-game. In Practice Rounds you will use the three Maya symbols that represent numbers 0 to 9. Once you’re ready, Start the Game. Your challenge is to solve math problems and collect clues to help you determine the occupation and identity of each mathematician. Because the Maya used only three symbols for numbers, the answers can be tricky.

Meet the Illustrator

rabbitJan Brett, janbrett.com, is a children’s book author with more than 39 million books in print. Learn more About Jan Brett and the places that inspire her beautiful illustrations. Create your own 2016 calendar with artwork from “The Turnip.” Learn to draw from Jan herself in Videos. Peek into an African Safari in “Honey...Honey ...Lion!” How well do you recognize animals? Find out, when you play Name the Botswana Animals in Games. Murals can really brighten up a room. Follow Jan’s instructions to create a beautiful Arctic Mural called “The Three Snow Bears.” Choose from more than 100 rainy-day projects in Activities.

Speak Out

What do you want to be
when you grow up? Why

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: How do I figure out what I want to be when I grow up? — Logan F., Trenton, New Jersey

Dear Logan: While you have plenty of time to make decisions about your future, it is always good to think ahead and discover activities that you enjoy now. Then you can do research to find professions that will allow you to use your abilities and interests.

For instance, if you are talented in art, you might be interested to know there are many fields that require artistic skills. You could be a cartoonist or illustrate books, design Web pages, paint or even teach. If you like video games, you might be want to pursue designing them one day.

It is not unusual for a favorite hobby or activity to turn into a lifelong career. Culinary school is available for those who want to become chefs. Athletics is a great field in which to use your natural talents, whether it’s behind the scenes as a team physician or trainer, or on the field as a coach or player.

Check out Kids.gov Jobs, kids.usa.gov/teens/jobs, for an inside look at some cool careers. The A-Z list divides careers by topics of interest such as Art, Computer or Building Things.


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