Week of January 3, 2015
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How large does a satellite dish need to be to pick up radio signals on the moon?
As big as a football field
Five times as big as a soccer field
As big as a two-story house

What challenge is found at Level 2?
Question marks

Which president sold his private library to Congress to restart the Library of Congress?
Abraham Lincoln
Thomas Jefferson
George Washington

Eyes In Space

DSNNASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory operates the Deep Space Network (DSN), deepspace.jpl.nasa.gov, the largest telecommunications system in the world. The center of the DSN, mission control, is in constant communication with robotic space missions as they explore. Check out Education and watch Pictures in Space to see how spacecraft transmit images and data to the DSN on Earth. Dr. Dish is an animated character who shares many fascinating facts about the DSN. In DSN News, watch a 1,100-foot-wide asteroid that flew past the Earth on January 26, 2015.

Play Penguin Jump
Penguin Jump

Punctuation Games

IslandHave you ever lost points on a paper for a missing comma or semicolon? Poor punctuation can affect your grades on assignments. Semicolon Wars, mrnussbaum.com/semicolonwars1/
, is a series of timed punctuation challenges. You’ll begin with semicolons and then move on to periods, commas and colons. Master each level within its time limit to move on. Practicing punctuation in a game environment will rapidly expose you to many types of sentences. You won’t lose points for punctuation on your next writing assignment once you’re proficient at this game!

Mount Rushmore

rushmoreHow much do you know about the Dynamite Presidents, americaslibrary.
Gutzon Borglum, the sculptor who created Mount Rushmore, needs your help to complete his work. Answer questions about the four men behind the faces carved into the mountain. Look at the coins in your pocket. Do you know which presidential images appear on them? President Theodore Roosevelt commissioned one president’s likeness on a coin in 1909. Can guess which one? Another man was selected as commander in chief of the American military forces in 1775 – who do you think it was?

Speak Out

What websites would you recommend for help with school assignments?

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Google Drive

Google Drive is an amazing free resource that can help you be more efficient in your schoolwork. All you need is a Gmail account, which is free, and you can access your documents, projects, papers and images when you log in.
If you are working on a paper at the library or at school and you are not quite finished, you can save it to Google Drive and then access it at home by simply logging in to your email. A small icon at the top right of your email screen allows you to access Drive and the other free apps in Google’s suite of tools.

You can easily share documents, projects, slideshows and images with your teacher. If you are working on a group project, you can store all your materials in one place so other students in the group can access them at any time.

To learn more about Google Drive, go to google.com/drive/using-drive/. The Google Drive Help Center, support.google.com/drive/?hl=en#topic=6069797, is another terrific place to get answers to your questions and quickly learn to use this resource.


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