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Who wrote “The Pumpkin Pounce”?
Shannon Kelley Pattee
Judy Blume
Nancy Drew

For what invention was Jerome Lemelson’s first patent issued?
A new kind of propeller beanie

How many calories are in one serving of Delicious Oven French Fries?

Write a Story

BooksStoryjumper, storyjumper.
, allows you to create online books for free. With a parent’s permission, choose a username and password to begin. Learn the Basics in a video, then Make a Book. Choose from props and scenes provided, or upload your own photos to illustrate your story. Next, add text and begin writing. When you are finished, you can print or share your book. Check out the Library to see what other kids have created or to find inspiration for your own book. Search for topics that interest you, and share an encouraging word about stories you enjoyed.

Play Dolphin Feed
Dolphin Feed


BoardDid you know that the main tool inventors use is their imaginations? The Smithsonian National Museum of American History presents Invention Stories, invention.si.edu/explore/
, a look at some of the world’s inventors, both famous and unknown, and their creations. Every new invention starts with an idea. Inventors can create something completely new or improve on a product that already exists. Explore the Inventive Minds Gallery and meet Ralph Baer. His brainchild is something many kids enjoy every day – the video game!

Healthy Kids

GirlKaiser Permanente helps kids develop healthy habits at Kid Wisdom, info.kaiser
. Flip through the scrapbook and find healthy recipes like Touchdown Tostadas in Eat Something. Do you enjoy online games? Check out Be a Player and play Snacktown Smackdown, where the town’s vending machines come to life and and the junk food they contain is causing everyone in town to be tired. Grab the Kid-Wisdom Communicator to help on your mission. Race the clock to collect calcium-rich foods when you play Calcium Hunter. Fill in the Blanks with crosswords, mazes and other activities.

Speak Out

What is your New Year’s
resolution for 2016

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: I would like to make a New Year’s resolution for the coming year. How do I choose one? — Frank S., Tucson, Arizona

Dear Frank: A resolution is a commitment to try to make an improvement in some area of your life. It is never too late to try something new. For instance, you may want to raise your grades and form better study habits. One way to accomplish this is to take advantage of after-school tutoring, study with a friend who is good in the subjects you struggle in, or try to eliminate distractions and set aside a time to study each day.

Another resolution might be to eat healthier and be more active. You don’t have to play organized sports to be active. You can take walks, ride bikes or participate in many winter activities you enjoy with your family or a friend. If swimming is something you like to do, most communities have a community pool you can join so you can swim throughout the year.

If you are interested in developing better eating habits, you can research healthy recipes that you can make at home. Resources are unlimited!

Visit Healthy New Year’s Resolutions for Kids, tinyurl.com/o55bw48, for these and other great ideas.


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