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Where do the Paths Less Taken lead you?
The Bermuda Triangle to the Caribbean Islands
Arctic Regions to the South Pole
The United States to Canada

Which three characteristics best describe Muffy?
Ears showing, a boy, wearing yellow
Brown shoes, wearing blue, holding something
Sitting, wearing green, playing an instrument.

What is the best way to remove grime from a painting?
Window cleaner and a Q-tip
A spatula and microfiber
Saliva and cotton

Digital Stories

IcebergDo you enjoy photography? The NOAA Photo Library, www.photolib.noaa.gov/
, is a “photo-
graphic essay” captured by NOAA personnel around the world. It contains more than 32,000 photographs of places you might only dream of seeing. View the incredible creatures of the sea’s Coral Kingdom. From the Great Lakes to the Caribbean, America’s Coastlines are 95,000 miles of incredible sights. See where the photos were taken — you might be inspired to visit someday! Beginnings and Endings features sunrises and sunsets around the world.

Play Ratio Martian
Ratio Martian

Remember the Details

DetectiveAn Effective Detective, pbskids.
must be great at remembering details. This site provides a good exercise in observing details that can help you describe characters in creative writing assignments. Choose a character to get started, then select the characteristics that make him or her different from others in the group. It gets tricky when two characters are wearing the same colors, or are sitting or standing the same way. Now see if you can identify the correct person using Fern’s description. Keep practicing and you will see improvement.

Art Games

ExploreArt is not just fun and games at Tate Kids, kids.tate.org.uk/games. Older paintings need to be restored before they are put on display. You can help when you enter the Art Lab and use tools to carefully remove dust, grime, varnish and cracks from a famous painting. The artwork from Alice in Wonderland is featured in Wondermind, where you will challenge your working memory when you step inside the brain. Check out the Barbara Hepworth Sculpture Garden and join the treasure hunt. You will earn a pebble for each sculpture you find. Next, use the clues to see if you can solve the mystery in The Secret Dancer.

Speak Out

What are your favorite
homemade holiday gifts

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Creative Gifts

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to give nice holiday gifts; you can be creative and make thoughtful gifts at home for family and friends. You could make a coupon book offering your help with household chores. Other ideas are making keychains, personalized mugs, coasters, refrigerator magnets, or anything else that would be practical and that you think someone might enjoy. Be creative this holiday season!

Here are a few sites that will help spark your imagination:

40 Gifts Kids Can Make (That Grown-Ups Will Really Use)

Kid-Made Gift Ideas for Family

Hands-on Crafts for Kids


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