Week of December 13, 2015
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Who invented the game of basketball?
James Naismith
Wilt Chamberlain
Michael Jordan

What is the purpose of the Green Holidays project?
Save energy, turn off lights
Paint buildings green
Collect Christmas trees

Which United States agency produces paper money, also called notes?
U.S. Bureau of Printing and Engraving
U.S. Mint
The Library of Congress

Play Ball

WiltDo you enjoy basketball? Whether you play or watch, Jr. NBA, jr.nba.com, wants to help you enjoy the game. Professional coaches share their wisdom about ball handling, shooting, rebounding, passing and more. Learn About the Game and check out Basketball Basics, How to Read a Box Score and Sportsmanship. Brush up on terminology in the Dictionary. Take a look back at the history of basketball and read about Wilt’s 100-Point Game in Know Your Numbers. Head over to the FunZone to see Bloopers and Trick Shots, and Lebron’s “Unstoppable Move.”

Play Giraffe Pull
Giraffe Pull

Service Projects

PuppyDo you and your family enjoy helping others? Make a positive difference in the world with generationOn, generationon.org/kids. In Projects, read about the initiatives already in place. If you find a project that interests you, ask a parent if you can join for free to download more information about it. Did you know that fourth through eighth grades have some of the highest incidences of bullying? Find out what you can do to promote peace. More than 5 million pets go to animal shelters each year. Animal Care Collection gathers food and supplies for local shelters. Learn how you can help.

How Much Is It?

Piggy BankSense & Dollars, senseanddollars.
, wants you to find out how much you really know about money. As your parents complete their holiday shopping, you may be hearing a lot about budgeting. When you grow up you will probably have a full-time job and household expenses you’re responsible for. Play the Check It Out game to find out if you can manage a monthly budget efficiently. Now Plan Your Dream Prom and see if you have set aside a realistic budget for the big day. Credit cards seem like an easy way to make purchases, but find out how much you are really spending when you play Charge!

Speak Out

What ideas do you have for making
extra money in winter

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: Do you have any ideas for how kids can make extra money in the winter? — James Z., Polson, Montana

Dear James: There are many ways to make extra money in the winter. Just be sure to get a parent’s permission before you begin a new venture! If you live in a region where it snows, you can offer to shovel neighbors’ driveways for a fee. Pet sitting is another opportunity to earn extra funds from neighbors with busy schedules. Many consignment stores offer cash for gently used clothing and household items, so it might be a good time to clean out your attic or closet.

Be creative: If you enjoy crafts or cooking, consider selling what you make or bake. For instance, you could start a business baking and selling healthy dog treats to family and friends. If you have old video games, you might consider selling them to your local game store. Some recycling centers pay for aluminum cans and plastic bottles, and if you and your family get into this habit you can help the environment while also making some extra cash.
For more ideas, read 21 Simple Ways for Kids to Earn Money, familymint.com/blog/21-simple-ways-for-kids-to-earn-money#.ViRFWmSrQdU.


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